Deadpool Rulesheet


I’ve started it, it seems like it takes 2 additional shots after its lit to start. It will also not stack with anything. It goes out if you start any modes/quests/L’DP.


That mode is definitely buggy. I’ve started it in .97, but it will sometimes light and never start. Like @ryanwanger mentioned above.


Agreed, I had this happen on the old .96 code. It hasn’t failed (completely) for me on the .97 code, but it seems to take at least two shots to start when lit.


I guess I’ll see how she behaves on Saturday. cough @h_flex cough



I picked Mystique for the 2nd time and the fight animation was with Sabretooth. White shots on the playfield as Mystique would have and call outs of Mystique as well. The finish animation was correct with Mystique.

Also a bit of feedback… the Disco multiball on LE needs more GI or something, it’s absolutely strobesochist and way out of hands compared to the rest of the game. It’s so blinding you can’t actually enjoy it. The music is great though.


Just played a long game where all my progress was on ball 3. I collected well over 100 weapons, play mech suit, got the weapons EB, etc. then during bonus countdown, I was only credited with 35 weapons or so.

Bummer. Haha


Here’s a strange question:

During Disco Multiball, occasionally a purple character skates out. The last time I saw it, Dazzler was clearly in the middle, with the purple characters on each side of her.

Who is this purple character? They don’t look like ninjas, or anyone else in the game for that matter.


They are vampires I think. There is a call out calling them blood suckers or some such thing…


Updated a couple things.

Question on Team-Ups and their benefits: do you qualify the team-ups before beginning your Battle? Or do you qualify the Team-Ups after the Battle has begun? Or both?


Need to have them setup before starting a battle. The blue triangles will be lit solid and their power meters on the LCD will be full.

Only way to qualify teamups is during single ball play.


Single ball play, with no other modes. Frenzy, Rampage, and Quests will all block qualifying teammates.


Right you are Jared. Thanks for clarifying.


Thanks. Now I understand why I was inconsistent with getting Team Ups.
So you have to have the teammate’s meter FULL prior to starting your Battle.
Assuming that’s the case, do you have to shoot the teammate’s shot again once you’re in the Battle to get the benefit of their effect? Or does it automatically kick in when the battle starts without shooting the teammate again?


You have to hit each team up twice on round one modes ( not sure about how many you need after that, but it may be an available adjustment.)
Yes, you have to hit that shot again to claim the award. Each team up may be claimed twice per mode as I believe they are on a timer (I think, I want to say the insert flashes while active) and I don’t think you can stack them additively ( so no 4X scoring for Colossus ).


And maybe going a touch too deep, hitting the right orbit immediately after any autoplunge will not count toward Domino (nor chimis).


I didn’t realize this. So if you light the Colossus team-up, you don’t actually get anything from it unless you hit it again during the battle?


i believe hitting the Team-up shot again oncw Battle is started is valuable, but you definitely get the benefits of the Team-Ups while playing the mode as usual. For example, Sabretooth is defeated with only one or two left orbit shots if you have a bunch of Team-Ups lined up.

Double Damage (cant remember which team-up gives you that) will make any Battle go quicker, especially if you put the ball in the pops


As a caveat, this is at the cost of reduced mode scoring. Since the shot value doesn’t double, you get less points per damage done (but most likely a better life bonus at the end).


Edit. Maybe not. I haven’t confirmed this yet.


No I am 98% sure that once you light the team-ups, their effects will be active during the battle regardless of whether you hit the character’s specific team-up shot again. The team-up shot will remain lit to give you an extra shot on the playfield to “call-in” your team-up partner and do more damage to the villain.