Deadpool Rulesheet


Well we may have to get some clarification from the folks at Stern, but I’m fairly sure that you need to claim a team up to maximize the award. For example using Wolverine (double damage) and Colossus (double scoring) I beat Juggernaut buy hitting both team up shots twice each then cashed out a 60-70 million point mode score. I’ve never come close to that type of a score without hitting those shots during the mode while lit (looking at an average of 16-30-ish million with no team up bonus)

Again, I may be wrong, but i’m pretty sure you need to claim them to take full advantage of the benefits.

Oh yeah, the BOOM button will kick in a team up if hit during a mode, moving from left to right I believe Tim said somewhere before.

Anyway, that’s my theory…


This is always what I assumed, but haven’t verified yet.

  • Teamups are more valuable than the mode shots.
  • Teamups are repeatable at any time during the mode and can even be used in the collect phase to run up the score. Shooting a team up any # of times seems to have no effect on the benefit.

@BuffaloATX your observation makes perfect sense; you most likely speedcleared the mode with double damage and team up shots and got a nice double health (“time bonus”) payout to boot for it. Probably something like:

40-45M 2x Health Bonus (Quicker mode clear due to team ups being available from the start and 2x Damage)
~20M mode scoring (2x Teamups for progressively larger values; starts higher than the Juggernaut damage shot value; less payouts for 2x Damage)

I’ve played many a Sabertooth with complete disregard for Colossus and got paid double every shot/time, so I don’t see this activation theory being true.


The passive awards are available simply by having the team-up active during the mode. Even if you never hit the colossus shot, you’ll have increased scoring during the mode.

A single BOOM tries to check to see which shot (checking everything lit on that shot) is most valuable. Typically, that would be any mode shot that also has a team-up on it, if you’re playing during a mode.


All very possible, but I think you only get two “collects” of each team up lit, and I’m about 60% sure that each benefit is on a timer.

So have I, but I’v seen a wild swing in points from just having them lit, to “collecting” them.

There is the possibility that having them lit does give a slight boost, increased damage, health, etc; but you don’t get the full benefit unless collected.

Maybe I’ll go glass off in the next few days and see whats what…


Well guess there’s no reason to go glass off now…
Thanks for the answer @timballs


You’re spot on here! The reason is more due to the fact that Team Ups scale over a mode (500k, 750k, etc) versus the static scores from villain shots. This is also the reason they usually get priority as per @timballs - they’re just better shots to hit compared to the villain.

You can also get risky in the 12 second finisher countdown and continue to shoot Team Ups, as compared to villain shots. :slight_smile:


Any thoughts on the Wolverine trade-off? I’m mostly avoiding him (with an occasional exception for battling Mystique). Is there any (scoring) benefit to lighting him? I thought the Colossal Jackpot required all four teammates, but it seems to be lit occasionally without all teammates. (I’ve yet to see any situation where “Colossal Jackpot” is a fitting name though)


Double damage burns through the mode quicker, which means better life bonus payouts at the end. He works extremely well with Dazzler (added life for a better end of mode payout) and is really useful in the Sauron re-fights.


Plus an extra shot to do damage to whatever villain you are fighting. Double damage at that. With a relatively safe feed out of the left orbit (and the off-chance of a missed shot hitting the Snikt Playfield multiplier), I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to shoot for Wolverine.


In casual play I won’t play a mode without at least Wolverine lit. Personally I feel that the mode shot value decrease is worth the trade off for cashing out at a higher value. A quick Juggernaut kill without bonus scoring can be worth 18-23 millionish.
And as @ScoutPilgrim stated, and I’m paraphrasing here, extra damage+extra life=juicy collects…


$abertooth, especially with Colossus and/or a dialed in SNIKT.

Lane scoring in that mode is absolutely strong and Wolverine can cost you around 10M base shot value for negligible health gains.


The more stuff that gets added, the buggier this game seems to be. Some examples:

Multiple times I’ve been completely locked out of modes. Completed DEAD 3-5 times each game and Battle never relit. The last time, I had finished both quests, two of the modes, and had one partially finished. Can’t say what causes it, but as I’ve now seen it several times, it’s not a fluke. There was nothing left for me to do in the game.

The Team-Up Inserts are maddeningly buggy when you start non-scoop modes instead of going straight to a Battle. I’ve had all four Team Ups lit, started Disco or Berserker, and then lost all sense of progress. When the mode is over, sometimes none of the Team Ups are lit, sometimes it’s a few, and sometimes you can get some to come back on depending on what shots you’re making and where you’re at in the game. As far as I can tell, you will still get credit for them when your start a Battle, but once you’ve played any non-scoop modes, the inserts can no longer be trusted to accurately display which ones you had and which ones you didn’t.

Not necessarily a bug, but maybe just bad timing. I was playing Berserker and made a shot to the left orbit right as time was expiring. The Berserker screen froze awkwardly for a second and then it sent me straight into Disco MB. Frustrating because both of those modes lock you out of other stuff, and I unintentionally strung them together back to back. Not a huge deal, but maybe it could use a small grace period between them (like the Battle finishing shot has…if you hit it a second too late, it kicks the ball back to you instead of immediately forcing you into a Quest or something else).


Looks like the latest 0.98 code posted yesterday addresses your chaining of modes request, but doesn’t say how long the grace period is:

    • Added grace period between finishing a mode and starting Berserker Rage
    • Added grace period between finishing a mode and starting Disco modes


What are top scores on Deadpool looking like? I have maybe about 15-20 games on a Pro and have been getting comfortable with the Snikt shot. I still don’t really know the rule nuances, but when getting into multiballs, I’ve just been hammering on playfield X and managed to finish just under 2 billion. Despite the score I don’t think I even played it very well or made great strategic decisions or anything, just lots of good/lucky Snikt action.

Are good players with time on this game breaking 10 bill?


Never seen anything close to that. We have a couple super high scorers in cincy and 1-2 billion is all we’ve seen so far.


Pretty much the story of this game IMO.

Its a shame too. The original megalodon mode rules were the only interesting, skillfull, and fun thing in the game and now that’s been patched into a snooze fest. Whats up with that?

Yeah sure, maybe megalodon was imba, but it was fun. Dont patch out fun :slight_smile:


Laughs in Snikt-megalodon right ramp hit wombo combo

Not as bad as it was, but it’s still nice!


I’ve never seen anything that high in person. At the SCS here, there were quite a few 500m-1b scores, but nothing higher.


The Team-Ups scoring benefit concepts have the potential to be very interesting, but they’re dwarfed by couple successive Snikt shots plus anything.