Deadpool Rulesheet


Recommended pitch of the game? We have reports that the lock shot is not smooth at our local bar, and it thinking it’s too steep. Owner always goes to like 7 degrees.


Seconded here. What are the ways the lock shot can be dialed in?


Has anyone formed any consistent strategies yet? I like to battle Juggernaut first, getting some help from Lil Deadpool MB to help survive the side-to-side action in those stand-up targets. I can usually take him down on my own without a Team-Up character. Sabretooth is pretty doable to “solo” too because you are aiming for the orbit which puts it in the pops to do even more damage. Sometimes, I am really surprised by how quickly Sabretooth can be knocked out depending on the action in the pops. I always save Mystique for last. I think she is the most difficult of the three to complete, and I definitly like to bring one or two Team-Up characters in by that point (especially Wolverine, since he is on that center spinner shot). Just curious to see how other people are attacking the game!


If you get an answer for this and it’s not shared here, please post it. The one on location by me is a nightmare to play right now. Rejects all over the place, especially on that lock and it seems to be far more of a problem than others have reported, so I think it could use some tweaking. I’d love to help get that dialed in better.


Bubble in middle?


Should it be to make the lock shot smooth? Haha


@chuckwurt When I played the ALBE game last weekend the lock shot seemed fine. I was actually surprised such a zig zag shot worked so well. Have they moved the game or anything since then?

Oh, and make sure the bubble level screws are tight before checking pitch - I’ve seen some that were way off from the factory.


Thanks brotha. I think Jesse has made it steeper and tighten the tilt due to long ball times. I’ll play it a few games and see what’s up first before messing with it.


Tighten the slings and take out the Outlane rubbers instead of messing with the pitch. This might be one of those Goldilocks games


Stern getting Operator smart. Inlane/Outlane rail post has no rubber from the factory. Saved another 10-15 cents too.


In labor? The post rubbers are in the cashbox


Now that is awesome. Kudo’s. That takes thinking out of the box to into the bag.


Great, now when I say that it came from the factory this way everyone will STILL blame me for not having them there…


Not uncommon for a Gomez game to be missing those rubbers.


I thought it played fair without them.
Separately, I am concerned about the ball making it up the Katana ramp after its been played for a month and the flippers aren’t as snappy — most successful shots just barely made it up and around the ramp.


Luckily I keep my flippers snappy here!
But I hear you. As always I’ll keep an eye on it and make what adjustments I can.


Better than his JM game where the post itself wound up in the cashbox. Prefer that over lightning flips though.


EVERYTHING needs lightning flippers, I’ve already ordered a set of red ones for Deadpool…


Loving the expanded call outs in the new code. The new one at the end of successful battles made me literally laugh out loud.

I revised the Lil’ Deadpool rules for the 0.82 code update. RIP Lil’ Deadpool Katanarama time.


Are the “mature” callouts good? Unfortunately we don’t have the mature features enabled (that I know of).