Deadpool Rulesheet


(Stern crew - help me out if I’m wrong) but I think this adjustment is to remove some language that was already in the existing code that could be considered offensive. I know there was a Dazzler callout (“Let’s kick some ass”) and a Deadpool callout calling Player 1 a dumbass that may not fly in some locations. Not sure if the update added any more “mature” speech but those were in 0.81. We need to turn that kind of stuff off for putting the game out at our comic book store, so the adjustment is really appreciated!


Just played a few games. It seems if you don’t let the ball ride the ball guide, and hit the shot more to the left so it hits the bend, it seems to go right up the ramp. If you ride the ball guide on the lock shot, it seems to just sling it into the post below the ramp/side of the scoop. @jeff_rivera


Running .82 last night for a tournament and multiple times the sword lock would release a ball during single ball play. Not sure exactly what caused it, but it was definitely happening when the other ball was elsewhere on the playfield.


I set mine up less steep than normal because I was worried about the lock shot. It’s at 6.7 degrees and the lock shot is still quite difficult.


Added following to Lil’DeadPool MBall:

*before timer runs out you will get a ball save for X-Secs. If timer expires ball is released without ballsave.
.0.82.0 Code.


Yeah, mine started doing that as well after the code update. Unfortunately I don’t remember what happened exactly, but I do remember it happened once during T-Rex. Made a shot, hit the ramp with a ball locked, got ball back and cradled up, made one more shot, then ball two was released. (More or less, as I said I don’t remember exactly what happened, hopefully the Stern folks have seen this and have a better idea of why or what is causing this.)


leg levelers 3/4 of the way up in back, flat levelers in front, machine leveled very well.


yes i mentioned to george those certain call-outs and insinuations with “balls” etc and he made the crew aware and made changes asap to be able to turn off adult commenting on next code .82. it is really needed in family venues like mine and its much appreciated. Stern crew are always on the ball. Its very nice to see them work so well with us:). im expecting Deadpool to be another great earner on location as with ghostbusters, GOTG, etc… superb theme with across the board recognition.


mature is default, but its only the words already heard on initial release .81. none were added for .82 to my knowledge.


Confirmed by Gomez tonight. Mature mode just filtered existing call outs some people were concerned over


Tried to watch dp stream… but this was intense :wink:



Thankfully Benson has his mom’s eyes (so far)


no worries, your eyes will get much smaller with the compounded lack of slack over the next few month :wink:


More like lack of slack over the next . . . FOREVER? :slight_smile:

At what age do they NOT want to get out of bed, because I’m ready to fast forward to that point in time.


sure, i just meant the first few month when it’s several waking up in the middle of the night… Having to wake up at 6-7am for the next 18+ years is easier (to me at least) than hashed nights :smile:


Has anyone identified Extra Balls yet?


Pretty sure @timballs identified one :slight_smile:


I earned one today, but I’m not sure what triggered it. It wasn’t spotted through a mystery award, it was definitely something I did through shots.


Likely tied to combo count.


Is that horseshoe shot suppose to hit the Colossus jackpot. We just got a DP on location and that turn around dribbles around with no speed. I had the jackpot lit in Sauron, but that wouldn’t hit it and I couldn’t figure out any other way to hit it.