Deadpool Rulesheet


Yes, with a SUPER clean shot it is supposed to hit the Jackpot stand up. I hit it once, scored $25 million in regular ball play, no modes going…


:grin: If I can score $25 million from your Deadpool is that all in quarters? I’d need a bigger bike to haul them home!


HAHAHA, spent all day today rewriting menus, guess popping the $ in front of a number is just second nature now…


Extra Ball is lit at weapons stashed in .81… probably latest as well but due to some ball problems I’m not completely up to date on the rules. Something like 30 or 35 weapons stashed lights extra ball


Anyone seeing that sometimes if the sword lock is lit it never registers? Just keeps spitting out other locked balls when you hit it. Switch issue? I’m not sure. Both Deadpools at CLE pin are doing it.

Edit: definitely a bug. Once we got it to register for one player, everyone else got their multiball to start too.


With our launch party tournament coming up this weekend, does anyone have recommended game settings for competition (aside from Competition Mode: Yes)? I think I saw a mention of turning off the sword ramp ball lock and setting it to virtual locks. Any other suggestions?


Turn extra balls off. :grinning:

And you want to installed competition mode. I believe changing competition mode to yes just allows the flipper button trick to start comp mode.


Is this different from other games? On everything else, I just leave competition mode on and that’s good enough.


I thought it was the case with every stern. Could be wrong. It seems there’s 3-4 spots in the settings to affect competition mode.


There’s Competition Mode adjustment (which tweaks things depending on game… normalizes mystery, etc.?), vs. Player Competition adjustment (which is the flipper thing @chuckwurt mentions), vs. Competition Install (which changes many of the adjustments in the menu at once). It’s very user unfriendly, no one knows what anything does, and I’m sure I’ve got some of it wrong. :slight_smile:

Hopefully some tooltips could be added using the increased LCD real estate…!


I leave Competition Mode set to Yes at all times. For tournaments, I turn extra balls off (and then back on at the end).

(I believe that I also set Player Competition on and leave it there).

This is all I ever do. I’ve never done the Competition Install.


Is “competition install” used for their tournaments (like the Iron Maiden one running right now) so if you want to participate you must have it on?


Thanks! I think I will also turn Match percentage to 0 to speed up play between rounds.


Setting match “off” is different from setting it to “0%”. At 0%, the match animation still plays, but never awards. At “off” there is no match animation.


“Off” is what I want then! Thanks!


played a couple games yesterday and noted a low-impact bug. hit the scoop with battle lit > select a battle by hitting both flipper buttons > the game announces the neighboring selection before starting the current selection. I think it was from pressing the buttons not-quite-simultaneously. e.g. you’d be on mystique, hit both buttons to select it, the game would announce “juggernaut” but then start mystique battle


I would like for the double flip to have to be repeated for skipping any animations that come before choosing the battle. I accidentally started a battle when trying to skip the weapon collect animation. Maybe that’s just me being impatient, but it was having me make a choice based on something that wasn’t active on screen.


This has happened to me often. I end up picking the wrong mode because I tried to do it by double flipping.

I’ve given up now and always use the Boom button.

I’d consider it a bug though. It does select a mode, but the timing is too sensitive for it to always select the one you intended.


What mode are you all taking into Little Deadpool MB? I was doing Sabretooth but I think that’s maybe the easiest to complete, so perhaps Mystique or Juggernaut is the better choice. Also, is anyone actively going for a second LDP MB? It seems like it’s a ton of shots to get it going again that might be better spent on other in game objectives.


I’m always taking Juggernaut into LDP multiball. Hit a few dead and/or pool targets then everything’s lit. Mystique requires a little more precision and sabretooth can be easily completed in single ball play while simultaneously collecting chimichongas.