Deadpool Rulesheet


Twice, I’ve ended up in a buggy state where the right ramp is always lit as if you were doing a super skill shot (inserts continually do a chase animation). I think the bug is just limited to the insert effects, because it doesn’t seem to award anything if you hit the shot.

I believe both times it happened by combining Ninja MB and Katanarama. Tonight, the inserts continued doing this on subsequently played games. Eventually I turned off the machine and it went away.

(The previous time this happened to me, I didn’t play another game afterwards, so I’m not sure if it continued to happen on subsequent games)


Sabretooth for #1 to get the fast clear bonus, Juggernaut for #2 to not deal with risky shots. Getting back to LDP is a good strategy, especially with a control mode like Meg.


Had this happen multiple times. I was never able to start ninja MB because of it.


Actually, you may be right. It doesn’t seem to award anything. It’s impossible to know if you have locks lit.

Do you think this happened from Katanarama + Ninja MB, or are there other ways to get into it?


For me, ninja mb never happened ever. I don’t think I started katana Rama either.


This happened to me once too. I know it started after Ninja MB and I think either hit a super jackpot or had it lit when I drained out of MB. It continued for subsequent games until I turned it off.


Is there something that cancels the playfield X?

Sometimes 2X seems to go on forever and sometimes it’s over in 5 seconds and I can’t seem to find any rhythm or reason for it.


Version 0.84 is out. New Lil’ Deadpool modes!


Just theorizing… perhaps the longer-running 2x was due to being in multiball, and having balls in the pops, and perhaps the pops trigger a pause in the 2x PF timer?


Most likely this. Pops stopping timers irregardless of situation is standard operation for most Spike 2 games.


Although the pops do not stop the initial plunge ball saver in Deadpool for some reason.


It’s extended by making unique shot combos. Sort of a carry over from a rule we were experimenting with pre-release that never really felt right.


BOOM button suggestion came up yesterday for those of us who don’t look at the display and struggle with colors (ahhh TNA ball saves!!). Could you also code the button to pulse with the number of BOOMs in storage? 1= pulse on… pulse on…; 2 pulse pulse on…pulse pulse on; 3 pulse pulse pulse on… pulse pulse pulse on…etc.


How do you requalify little dead pool after you’ve played it once


As far as I can tell, keep hitting the sand up target until the insert turns green…


You need to play (beat?) a Battle mode to re-light LDP.


On the new code, to requalify LDP MB, I think you have to finish a quest first. Otherwise, you end up with a 100K switch hit frenzy and single ball play after the lock. I’m not 100% sure on this, but that seemed to be the behavior I could come up with.


Definitely doesn’t require a Quest. My strat has been to light up all teammates, start jughead, start LDP MB to defeat Jug. After exiting LDP MB, LDP Frenzy has been lit, so I try to start it, then Disco MB.


I interpreted the question as being how to requalify LDP multiball (i.e. play it a second time), and not LDP frenzy. Several of us were able to play it twice. Your strat is the same way I’ve been playing it.


I think the one time I did LDP MB twice, it was after going through LDP Frenzy and LDP Bounce (I despise Bounce).