Deadpool Rulesheet


Interesting. Maybe that’s it. Definitely need some heads on this to update the Wiki. Other than the resets, 0.84 is definitely a decent step forward! Can’t wait to see what’s coming considering the shot map we’ve got here. Some really solid potential.


We just had the game reset on us- I had two balls trapped on the flipper and realized I had a stuck ball in play. The ball finally came loose but I was stuck on the status update screen and the fame just completely reset.


There are reports of a bug in the instant info that causes a crash so don’t use instant info until its fixed.


There’s no info in the instant info actually, it’s just the high score tables.
If you have to trap up for an extended amount of time you are going to need to have a flipper free and flipping to keep from going into instant info. I know, not ideal, but it is the only work around for this crash until the boys at Stern push out a bug fix…


Curious if this is by design or if it’s just part of early code.

Is it intended that if you complete T-Rex and/or Megladon prior to playing Sauron Battle those two modes reset. I understand that occurs for the other 3 modes as you have to replay them to make it to the final wizard mode (forget it’s name) but since T-rex and Megladon are not required for Sauron Battle why do those reset too? If this is by design, why would you play either of these modes prior to Sauron Battle?

Just curious as that surprised me when playing.


Anyone has any opinions on the Snikkt target and maintenance/setup. Ours on location really looks like it is getting smashed from the bottom and bent a lot. I don’t know how much this impacts the geometry of the ricochet shot. I am concerned bending it back will not last and just add unneeded strain on the assembly.



Not sure if this is the right size for that target, but these are great for keeping targets in place. They’re really nice for games like Tron where the targets often migrate and close down the geometry into the Quorra shot.


If it fits, this would be a great solution. I can’t believe how well these things work.

I’ve used them on Tron, and I currently have them on my lower playfield standups on AC/DC. Highly recommended.


I don’t know if it was a blocker for future Ninja multiballs, but yeah I’ve seen that happen, and it was carrying over between games so I had to power-cycle it to get it to stop. I’m pretty sure I didn’t light something major at the start of ball 1. :joy:


This happened again during our launch party tournament (running V. 0.82 at the time). The buggy state started after the player stacked Ninja MB and Katanarama on Ball 3. I started a new game after the player drained, and the right ramp strobing lights continued so I power cycled the game and it went away.


Had the exact opposite thing happen. @Snailman was blowing up the game yesterday, he completed dinosaur and shark, had two modes complete. Went back and completed the last mode, shark and dino were still lit as complete. Played Sauron, beat Sauron (I’m pretty sure that the full mode is not coded yet, there were no instructions on screen, no call outs of any kind, at least that I heard, and no mode total when draining back to single ball play). Shark and dino still lit, modes all reset, no Mr. Sinister (again assuming it’s not in the game yet?)


Their is a video of Mr Sinister on youtube so I assume it’s coded in. Haven’t watched it though as I don’t want to spoil it for my first time their.

It’s interesting that his T-Rex and Megladon didn’t reset. Mine clearly did (only completed Megladon) after beating Sauron. I didn’t drain, I actually completed the mode, if memory serves me correctly. Juger, Mytsic and Saber all reset (which I assume is by design) and my Megladon. Basically was like starting all over. I refinished all of them again and finally drained on T-rex so I didn’t get to see what was next.


Ok, just re read the wiki, you must collect all super jackpots (disco, ninja, and Sauron) and complete both shark and dino to start Mr. Sinister.
Current wiki says mode is not yet implemented
@timballs is Mr. Sinister implemented in .84 code?


Looks like a placeholder is their now. Watched the end of the video to see what was up and it just gave him some points.


Cool, I’ll up date the Wiki then.


New code v0.85 was posted to address the crash bug (plus a few other improvements) during instant info.


Damn it! I left work an hour ago! Now I gotta wait until tomorrow to play, erm, update…
Thanks to all of you for pushing this out so quickly.


When is the LDP Frenzy saver timer supposed to start? It seems like the default of 4 has the timer expire well before the ball is ever released from the drops. This is kind of maddening on a machine that’s fond of dropping stdm from LDP…


Is that an adjustable setting? I don’t recall seeing in the menu…TBH I didn’t look too hard earlier.


Yup – as of 0.84, both LDP Frenzy and Bounce have an adjustable ball save, defaulting at 4s (way less time than the ball is held by the LDP drops. The operator here set both Frenzy and Bounce balls saves to 8, but honestly I think they could be dropped to 7 or maybe even 6 to still catch a stdm feed.