Deadpool Rulesheet


OK, @snailman defeated Sauron. Maybe a punishment for not winning in your case? Maybe we hit a bug? Hopefully we can get some official confirmation.


For mine, I completed T-Rex (not Meg) and defeated Sauron. T-Rex reset.

No clue on code version though.


Version 1.0 will indicate a feature complete game.


I’m seeing a common thread here, seems like NOT having both quests complete and facing Sauron resets ALL progress.


Progress to a mode that doesn’t exist? Maybe I shouldn’t have made it 150m points. It does nothing else!!!


Sorry, I may have been unclear in my statement. I know from the wiki that Mr Sinister only gives out 150 Million so far, and is still being worked on. Was trying to figure out if having if having completed quests stay lit after Sauron was normal, or if they should reset with all the other modes after that battle.


In .82 Quests reset after Mr. Sinister. That may have been changed when I was out with my multiball issue. Rest assured, the Stern team is working every day to make sure the game is feature-complete, and has a progression that feels right.


We appreciate your efforts and support on the title.

In this case we are talking about modes resetting after Sauron, not Mr. Sinister. Resetting after Mr. Sinister would be expected behavior as the game would be complete (assumption) but resetting after Sauron was a surprise.


I see what you did there, although I almost missed it…

Thanks for the clarification, and taking the time to answer. I know you guys all have many iron’s in the fire, so I’ll stop bothering you and let you get back work.


The 0.85 code is not available on the Stern website – as of today I only see 0.84. Did they decide to pull it?

I’m receiving my LE in about an hour, so just trying to make sure I have the latest code.


Website fixed. Fast action. Will alert op to revert back to code .84


You can get to the 0.84 code here:

So, not compromised, just not available (0.85)


Recently I have been getting a 20m perfect battle bonus and I’m not sure why. I’ve only seen it happen twice, once with juggernaut being defeated only by team ups, and another by defeating juggernaut with no clue what I did. Can anyone provide info on this?

The display looks like I need eight chimichangas to light a quest. Fair enough, but then I complete the card, and only have four in bonus?

Collected ninjapocalpyse a few times but did not have more than 20 ninjas in bonus?

I’m pretty sure the value of your ninja multi ball jackpot carries over and can be increased all game?

Can anyone confirm or deny these things? Thanks in advance!!


I think for a perfect battle Deadpool can’t get hit. Not sure if this means you have to make shots within a certain time frame or the opponent hits you? I’ve done it once, don’t recall the opponent or if I finished with the Boom button.


Normally the perfect battle is worth 10m though!
Also, my final shot on these two was pretty substantial 40+m

Regarding the red boom button, I’ve used it a few times during ninja MB and quests. It didn’t seem to score all lit shots…


Did you have a PF X going on?

For the boom button. It doesn’t score all the shots. It scores only 1 (ideally the most valuable shot) kind of like a VIP pass. It also defaults from left to right with mode shot completion using the Boom button.

For a perfect battle, my understanding is that it is determined by time. The amount of time played in a mode equals the amount of damage you sustain as deadpool. To get a perfect score I think you need some team-ups, or some really great shot accuracy.


I think this is the yellow boom. Red boom does more I think.


From the wiki:

Pick your 2x scoring poison (SNKKT/Bounce Playfield X, Colossus 2x) and you’ve got 20!


Thank you!!! I’m going to be trying to bring colossus into every battle from now on!


More for yall: am I correct in saying that the battles are different the second time around?

Some things I’ve noticed: the final shot and perfect battle scores seem to be doubled (no colossus or snikt), the opponents take more damage to defeat, and shots becoming unlit after being scored.

Can someone verify this? Or was delirium setting in after such a long time? Running original code FWIW.