Endorsement Fee - Payment Walkthrough


Please don’t take this the wrong way, since I’m actually just curious. Are you saying that the IFPA had $86,000+ in expenses?


Not at all. The $86,000+ is what is being paid back out through the NACS (States/Provinces/North American Championships). The only expenses we had were the fees related to the collection of those funds.


Thanks for the clarification. If the fees are putting you into the red, why not just make the minimum payment >$15? I always just do $50 or $75, since I know I’m going to use it.


Because that’s adding another accounting item TDs have to keep track of. Register, collect, submit, pay is easier.


Exactly this. Plus in Arkansas the entire prize pool is like $18. Tough to force someone to deposit in $15 chunks when they often had tournaments with 4-6 players.

We’re in good enough shape to cover the shortage for this season (interest income + sponsorship dollars). As long as I’m not actually dipping into my own personal pocket to cover things we should continue to be okay.


This is why Match Play subscriptions are only billed annually and not monthly. Those fees are so steep for small transactions :frowning_face:


Thanks for the transparency, Josh. And thanks for all the uncompensated many hours that you, Zach, Becker, Shepherd, etc put in to making IFPA run well.


I guess it is different from everyone but it is easier for me to fund my account once or every other month with larger amount than doing multiple single transaction.


Step one: Pay my dollar to @YeOldPinPlayer
Step two: I don’t know what step two is…
Step three: WRRPs!


Those of us running events sporadically and/or in smaller markets would find this difficult to do. I definitely appreciate having the option of paying per event.

That being said, now that I have a better understanding of how it works, I’ll probably just load up in larger chunks when I know I have events coming up.

Thanks @pinwizj and @PressStart for offering the Canadian TDs an alternative to save on the exchange rate and fees!

Something I’m curious about: are there many TDs running events in both countries? I know there’s Dave Stewart who does the Vancouver Flip-Out and the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament, but is that it? Just wondering how the NACS credits work in those cases, since it’s not really identified in the Tournament Manager console which currency they were purchased in.


NACS credits are in “dollars”. Whether that’s CAD or USD doesn’t matter.

The Canadian prize pools during the year are not accurate because it assumes 1 CAD = 1 USD. We simply true up the provinces at year end so they pay their fair share of the NACS Championship pool, and then distribute out the rest Pro rata from what the data shows.


TODO: actually pay myself for the IFPA fees and league expenses I have not resolved yet. Publish finances for 2018.