Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


I had a 600M+ orb multiball last night, and I have no idea how I did it. What’s the best stack going into Orb? Rocket + orb shot multiplier + a super mode?


Just get there with a lot of HEs saved up. Also use one of them right when Mb starts so your jackpots are max value. Then hit shots and put your doublers on the orb shot. When a couple two three shots away from SJP, and trapped up, use some HEs (with your chin! Haha) to get SJP lit, then collect.


Did this tonight for a very nice ORB MB of 940million. Works well.


Hadron Enforcer inconsistency: I’ve had Orb MB where my lit HE would not work on the initial Hurry up shot. But my HE did work on collecting my Orb SJP, when the code readme explicitly states a HE should not be able to collect the Orb super.

Anyone else see this same behavior?


I had a 500M+ Cherry Bomb MB today. My previous best was only 215M. I have zero idea how you guys are scoring billions on this game. I’ve played the living crap out of it on location and my best is 906M.


When i was well on my way I didn’t complete a single mode. Played four to five Orb MBs and got 750 million.


If saw one of the league guys put up the 2.5b GC score on the pro near me. I think 1.8b of it was one orb MB. He likes to bank smart bombs and get shot multipliers on orb, and one or more ramps and orbits before starting orb MB. He basically shot most of the jackpots, then mashed the button. I saw a 400m jackpot, then looked back at the playfield and was told he got a 1b plus super by someone else watching. All the other high scores on the game are around 1b and just under.

Orb MB needs work. Super is too big, should get progressively harder to start and shouldn’t save progress if the super is going to be that big. I choked my first visit to orb today (no smart bombs) then almost got two supers the second time. Also, like the readme file says, smart bomb shouldn’t collect the super (or the lock shot before the super). Shooting groot’s moving mouth is way harder than shooting the orb shot twice.

Has anyone seen anything but default initials for combo champ (15)? I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten more than 5 or 6 combos in a row. They need to lower or remove that. It’s not exactly a good combo game.


If you’re @Theguyoverthere you complete wizard modes - they’re worth billions on their own if played properly. In a more reasonable world you attack Orb and go for 4x/8x Supers.

Emphasis on this - take one potshot at the drop and then button smack. If it’s orb #2+, just hit the button.

VERY IMPORTANT DO NOT FORGET. If you’re trying to style, also start Rampage 2x.

Personally I like leaving the double jackpot lit with a Hadron in hand. Get 2 balls trapped (preferably on opposite flippers) and shoot the left ramp. Once you’ve “hit confirmed” the ramp shot, smack the button and hit the drop target in combo.

Really eases up the pressure on shotmaking and maximizes the hurryup. Currently my best single MB is 2.1B (640M 8x, 1.08B 8x, 140M 2x).


Had a good game today on location, but had a reset bug during “Save Xandar” premium version .90. Not sure exactly what caused the reset since it was my first time getting this mode. Went into that mode with about 900 mil, and got to about 1.6 mil during this mode then the game reset and my score was lost. I had i think 4+ hardon’s that i used at the same time right as soon as I drained back to single ball. Anyone else get a reset? Should i report this to someone?


I’ve had a few bugs related to the Rocket shot (I’m pretty sure). I dropped out of multiball three or four times with two balls in play, or the game thinking I drained with a single ball in play. I also had the game reset when I scored two jackpots in quick succession (not sure which shots, but I had a ball in the scoop). The screen had two different award values overlayed, and then hard reset. I think it was a code bug. I reported it that night, they updated the code (and fixed a mechanical issue) the next day, and I haven’t had an issue since.


Top of the thread says rules based on .87, but clearly have been updated to .90.


Good catch. And good news: it’s a Wiki post, so please do the edit you suggested. :slight_smile:


Cool. Done.


Thanks for patching that one up!


I’ve done it twice, caused a reset by using the HE button at the end of save xandar. I contacted stern and they are working on it.


0.95 code is out.
Significant mentions of balancing and alterations to game strategy:

  • Increased Groot Multiball base jackpot scores.
  • Decreased Orb Multiball base HurryUp scores.
  • Added a Hadron Enforcer Limit adjustment, default= 3. This limits the number of Hadron Enforcer ‘shots’ you can have in reserve.
  • Fixed a bug where the Hadron Enforcer was allowed to collect the first jackpot during Orb Multi-ball

Massive changes to Level 2 modes:

  • Added rules for Quill’s Quest 2, a HurryUp centric rule. Shot the right scoop to collect a HurryUp award that
    starts at 10% of your score. (!!! whoa!)
  • Changed rules for Yaka Arrow 2, i.e. a super pop bumper centric rule. There are 50 Yaka Arrow Pop Awards. Collect 1 at a time for each pop bumper hit, or, collect all of them at once by shooting the Yondu Lane/Target.
  • Added rules for Sibling Rivalry 2, a Gamora right ramp centric rule. Shot the right ramp to collect all of the points earned during Sibling Rivalry.
  • Now Secondary modes, i.e. Yaka Arrow 2, Sanctuary 2, etc… persist until the end of the ball or until all of their associated points have been collected. Starting a new mode at the right scoop no longer stops Secondary modes. – That’s the Lonnie Super modes we’ve come to know :wink:


  • Increased the size of the current player’s score to make it easier to read. WOOOOHOOOOO!! Too bad they didn’t change the font color, too, to increase the contrast.


No more useless “super spinner” mode on the Pro.


Does anyone know what the threshold is to starting Immolation Initiative?

I was watching co-piloting with another player- they had every insert lit and started the last mode. They made a few shots in it but ultimately timed out. Had to restart the 8th mode but ended draining before it was finished.


You have to start both multiballs and get at least half way through each of the 8 modes. Sounds like your friend didn’t get half way through that final mode. When you get half way through a mode, you get a message on the display saying so and an audio clip plays.

Once you get half way through a mode, the insert will stay flashing when you play other modes. Completed modes will stay solid lit. I think the yellow mode is the only weird one. Only 5 shots to finish and doesn’t save progress if you don’t get half way through. Shoot the flashing yellow standups if you have a hard time shooting the left orbit. I believe 3 shots is considered half way for this mode.

Once you qualify II, the scoop light will flash red. I won’t hesitate to cradle up and time out the last mode once I’ve gotten half way through it.


0.95 in a nutshell:

Is Orb still busted? yes…technically. The base jackpot is 2M, so 400M+ from Super #1 is easily doable. The issue comes in with the Hadron hard cap, the Orb hurryup, and the relative value comparison to other game features. Then again, a 6 or 9 Hadron burst is a thing so 1B+ isn’t out of the picture. A well managed Orb is akin to a well managed Cherry Bomb.

What do I do? Get a handful of modes and go for Groot under match play situations for sure. eXploit the X. Go for 6x, 12x, 24x Knowhere 2, Sibling 2, Yaka 2. Dump your score into Quill 2 when ready. Heck, a base jackpot with mode completion is 1.5M so there’s inherent value in that. Once you’re out, assess: more modes and Groot or quickly get back to a Multiball situation with Quill or Orb?