INDISC 2019 - 'It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival!


Dropping tonight?


My logic on Barracora was hydra - multiple-heads, harpies - half human [female], half other creature. Barracora’s human face, facing front, is smiling, while the fish ones, facing sideways, are just, well, toothy and fishy. Medusa is far from friendly, although facing her/it the right way is important, and that and her snaky extra heads does fit that part of the clue better than Barracora. I hadn’t though about Medusa when I drafted the story; Perseus is the one who deals with her, not Jason. If someone had gotten the other four sooner, I probably would have done the Heart clue earlier to differentiate things.

As it was, I had no idea what the games would be until Jim told me not long before we posted this, and then I cooked this story up in under an hour to get things rolling. The presence of Argosy was the seed that got the thing started; not too bad for thinking on the fly, I hope.

We could have a demented contest some other time for “take 5 random games and cook up a trivia clue story connecting them” and see who can do the voted-best tale in a hurry.

FYI, I have a family situation to deal with, so I won’t be at INDISC on Sunday and will be skipping Main, High Stakes and broadcasting for that reason.


Forgive me if this is a dumb question but will Assault on the Vault be a part of Safecracker scores?


sorry to hear that Bob, hope it all works out.


There will be NO assult on the vault.


Can we win tokens? :wink:


Hmmmm…sure. Either keep em or turn them in for $1 million game dollars each. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You did a good job. As someone trying to guess, it is hard to think like the person writing the free association riddle. I also really wanted a band of heros to be Aerosmith because of guitar hero Aerosmith. But at the same time didn’t really believe you would have made that association.


I thought it was great, too. I loved how everything fit naturally into the Argonauts story. Mostly I’m stunned that I didn’t find High Speed, even after figuring out “quickly rode” and looking at every IPDB page about 500 times… :smiley:


I was ready to guess Elvis for “promised land”


I was ready to guess GOT with the mention of Harpies…


Not that I have a great chance to make finals on Sunday but what time would they start? I’m trying to make a train to LA at 2pm


Day 3—Sunday January 13, 2019


  • High Stakes 10AM-5:30PM

Check In

  • Main A & B Finalists 8:45AM
  • Kids Finalists 9:30AM
  • Women’s Finalists 11:30AM
  • High Stakes Finalists 6PM


  • Main A & B Early Rounds 9AM-12PM
  • Kids 10AM
  • Women’s 12PM
  • Main A & B Final Rounds 3PM
  • High Stakes 6:30PM


Putting the custom game settings on this page is brilliant. So simple, but very handy. I hope to see this become the norm.

INDISC 2019 game settings discussion

I don’t see a link to the standings anywhere on … am I missing something ? Seems funny to not have it linked somewhere :thinking:



Yeah I found it on the Facebook event, at least it’s easy to remember! Just figured it would be on the main site somewhere


This is also very nice



Huge thanks to the entire organizing team for this event. Great space and games, excellent work on broadcasting and TDing, outstanding quantity and quality of prizes and celebration.

Thank you!


What did the payouts end up being per division? I heard mention of a few dollar amounts on the broadcast, but no official payout listing.