Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Yeah figured but then I assume the little loop would have the post come up as well after a set amount of loops?


Minor gripe, but I wish the activate X inserts were not part of the light shows during gameplay.


Yup and then you have to alternate if you want additional loop jackpots


How many consecutive mini loops are you getting? My experience (and watching others as well) is VERY few/rare.


Does the skill shot time out? After leagues we started a 4 player game and then stood there for a few minutes explaining the rules to a guy that hadn’t played the game yet. A few minutes went by before he plunged and made the left outlane skill shot.

The game didn’t award him the skill shot for some reason. If I remember correctly, he got 175,000 points.


I don’t believe so. But if the player attempted an initial skill shot and didn’t validate the PF, and got another plunge, all skill shots are deactivated.
I believe it’s the shooter lane gate switch that starts the timer, if I’m not mistaken.


Nope, that was his first attempt at a skill shot. The ball hadn’t even moved from the shooter lane switch.


I had been told the alley-pass to the target was a super skill shot and I short plunged, got it to the right flipper without hitting anything, yet when I hit what I understood to be the super skill shot, I didn’t get rewarded.


How long is the timer?


I don’t know the exact time. Pay attention to the skill shot insert to see if it still lit or blinking


also depends on settings- so if you’re playing on location, there could be settings (there’s an explicit setting for secret skill shots on/off, and I think competition mode turns off some of the secret skill shots?) that are affecting this.

of course, if you’re playing at home, that doesn’t explain anything!


We were at leagues, but the games were not set in competition mode. One of the guys got the left outlane plunge a few balls later, so I know it wasn’t disabled.



Revive is way more valuable down the road. Tomb award 6 with revive already lit awards points.


Found a minor bug where I hit the orb during the grace period of a timed mode (sorry, can’t recall which), got the “time extended” voice call, but the mode ended anyway.

  1. Yeah it was just principle based, like if you are going to do it for the big loop, do it for the little one as well.


Yeah wasnt aware that revive was harder to get the more times you light it… But should that be part of the game? Generally kickback/ballsave has the same amount of shots to light it throughout the game so why should a player be penalized when to light it again by making it harder? Kinda think its hard enough to light already.


Crack meet pipe


Because if you’re getting that deep into the game things should become more challenging.


True just not the ball save/kickback imo… Other games have the same amount of shots to relight? WCS,Corvette, HS2…


Why does every game need to be the same? Also, those games you mentioned have much shorter balls times than maiden.