Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


This question is about design philosophy IMO. Mr. Elwin and his team have designed Iron Maiden to be more challenging as goals are completed. Part of that is the perspective of the greatest player in the history of pinball. You may have heard the expression “chopping wood”. It’s used to describe a long boring grind to get to the next goal in a game. Making things progressively harder is one way a designer avoids forcing a player into chopping wood.


I’ve seen this same bug occur as well.


True for older games, but modern Sterns with outlane ball savers almost always become more difficult each time (which I find to be a pretty fair way to handle it given how long games can run on modern Sterns). Star Trek, Aerosmith, and Guardians of the Galaxy all have an outlane ballsave that increases in difficulty.

Maybe Tomb award #6 should award “Reset Difficulty for Revive Relight” if you manage to collect it with both outlanes already lit :stuck_out_tongue:


l’ll get nothing…and like it!!!

Was wondering… I was under the impression that the bottom spinner changed the lit mode? It didnt in the game that I played


It only changes the mode before EDDIE is spelled out.


I think it will change it if you haven’t completed E-D-D-I-E yet.


And it just starts a carousel. So possible it lands back on the mode it was originally on.


This is my favorite thread on this forum. :blush:


Can two minutes to midnight be “completed”? As in- can you actually get out of the mode without draining?

Edit: I tried reading through all 500 comments and maybe I missed it somewhere :man_shrugging:


Yes, when it gets to midnite the mode ends. Since it’s by far and away the most lucarative mode timing it out is a pretty bad option lol


I definitely wasn’t trying to time it out hah- but thanks for the heads up.

  1. Is there a way to look at the playfield and know how many Eddie letters you have?

  2. Is there a way to access instant info when the ball is in the shooter lane and flipping changes the song?

  1. No, except when you have all of them and you have a mode lit.

  2. No. Without even adding a regular Instant Info, it would be just about good enough IMO just to jump to the regular gameplay screen when you hold down a flipper with a ball in the shooter lane. I think I’ve heard that Instant Info will be coming at some point, however.


I got all my level one cards and then drained out of two minutes. Would have been the first time I’ve played number of the beast :frowning:


Just like this? -




Just got my Premium yesterday, love it! Most fun I’ve had playing a new machine right out of the gate, thank you!

Odd situation/bug(?) this morning.

  • Started Fear of the Dark, left ramp was also lit for Mummy lock.
  • Shot left ramp (weakly!). Ball did not make it all the way round to the ‘gate’ and sat on the ramp behind back board so did not fall into the lock when the gate lifted.
  • Once I realised what happened (gate had already dropped down again) I nudged machine, ball came down and rested behind gate.
  • Machine never went into ball search - nothing happened. Timers were not counting down for the mode.
  • Waited quite a while before conceding defeat and switching off and on again. Ball search initiated before starting next game.


what % of the modes gets awarded in 2MTM? Say I got 200 mill in FOI what would be the value for that during 2MTM?


15% + 1M, so 31M in your example.


Happened to me yesterday as well.