Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


What does locking another ball during Mummy MB do? I’ve done that many times and can’t tell if it does anything other than get that ball temporarily out of the way.


Bug if it hasnt been mentioned before: When 2MTM has started, while ball saver is on if the ball goes down the outlanes when revive is lit, revive will be used…


I thought that it doubled your mummy jackpot that you hit while releasing.


You also get double switch hits while the ball is locked.


Another bug:

If a ball is hung/stuck during ball save at the start of a ball, it will never ball search to find it.


During ball save or prior to playfield validation?


Ball save light blinking (forever and ever and ever), probably one or two switches hit at that point. In this case it was hung on the drop target bank, so at least one drop was hit.


Sounds like it wasn’t validated.


What are the rules for Can I Play with Madness?


My understanding. It starts as a 2 ball multiball. There is one light red shot, moving around. When you hit it, it goes to a 3 ball multiball and 2 shots are lit red and moving. Hitting a red shot turns it green and locks it in. Hitting a green shot turns it red and makes it roving again. Turning all green, launches to n+1 balls and n shots lit red.

Also, underworld holds the ball while it is green


The shots are moved by the flippers. hitting the orb locks them in for 10 seconds.


How is this MB started again?


It is funny I never realized that. But at the same time I got in the habit of leading the shot and shooting where it wasn’t lit, since it always moved right when I shot :slight_smile:


Tomb award 3 on premium / LE.


Think of it as like moving shot multipliers around in SW.


Newsom, Bath and I (along with a 4th) played this all night last night. Greatest game. I got to can I play with madness MB and we all stood around trying to figure it out. Best part of pinball is figuring it out, and IM gives you a lot to digest. Just awesome.


Yeh I hadnt played an LE till tonight. Didnt take long to figure it out :slight_smile: The LE plays easier then the pro.


What does adjustment 57- Player Competition do?


I preach the gospel of iron maiden pin to anyone who will listen

excellent layout with no wasted space and the best ruleset of all time

iron maiden is the new standard in pinball


watching Escher play this mb correctly gives me a headache, lol (in a good way). The amount of thought that has to go into every shot (and flip) is crazy - and throw in staging both upper-flippers as well to make the “orbits” available and switch the red shots while cradling and I think it’s a WAY more a complex endevour than changing your Green X multiplier shot on every successive shot on Star Wars - although that’s pretty cool to watch, too. I am terrible at both of these things, lol, but it seems very well suited to the multi-device-tasking brains of our pinball youth!