Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Hahaha. Sounds like the song title attached to the mode is appropriate then? Hopefully i’ll Get on a Prem/LE soon to check this out.


It’s worth the wait, and a great way to put your Star Wars mechanics to good use as @Adam mentioned. Should we add a new flipper mechanic term for cycling shots without moving the mechanical flippers?


I actually prefer the +15m to power jackpot award. The game in my office is set to that even though it’s a premium


Agreed - in the right hands, way way more valuable.


Definitely. That +15M Power JP is a sweet sweet award to play with aka multiply.


PSA - don’t play Iron Maiden before attempting to go to sleep, you’ll be awake for two hours due to the adrenaline rush :joy::laughing:


Is this a new bug? Or something others have seen?

  1. IMDN Pro
  2. EDDIE is spelled and a mode is ready to go.
  3. Not sure if Mummy lock is also ready to be locked.
  4. Shoot up the middle and hit the bullseye.
  5. The ball flies straight back down the middle and drains.

On the next ball, the mode that was supposed to start doesn’t show that it has ever started. No arrows are available to spell the next EDDIE. Battle is not lit up the middle, and shooting the bullseye does not start a mode.


Something similar happened to me in B finals at Pinburgh. Spelled EDDIE, shot the middle to start Fear of the Dark, but instead of getting trapped by the posts up top the ball came screaming down the right orbit->left outlane.

Next ball I step up and Fear of the Dark looks like it’s running except there is no timer and both orange and purple shots are lit. After some confusion TD tells me to see if the mode will play out so I shoot a shot and don’t get credit for it. Trap up. Compensation ball awarded. Next ball everything is back to normal behavior.


Yep, confirmed bug on pro.


Found a bug and had some ideas, but I don’t mean to undermine all the hard work that’s been put into Iron Maiden. Wonderful game.

  • Bug: Sadly don’t remember much…but on an older version of the Pro, two Battle Mode inserts were flashing at once. Modes otherwise worked the same, and only one could play at once. Might of had a Mummy lock. Behavior seemed to stop when a ball drained. Not sure if the bug’s still there–will keep an eye on those inserts.

  • During Number of the Beast, the Beast in the “Beast Health: X” and “Parry!” display effects doesn’t have a consistent size. He’s slightly larger in the second effect. Not sure if this was intentional. Minor thing.

  • Add an end of game lightshow. After the match sequence, kill the GI/have the lights and flashers go off in a choreographed sequence, like most games.

  • Add a “Danger” animation when you get a tilt warning.

  • Award increased Trooper/Two Minutes to Midnight supers if you shoot the Mini Loop, then combo into the super jackpot target. More loops prior to hitting the target add bonus points to the super. Fail the combo, and you lose the bonus points (but can try again, as long as a super is ready).


I was there for that one!


Just wondering, during fear of the dark does the timer for the mode pause whilst the spinners are spinning? Was thinking that if it did, it would entice players to live catch and to try and continually shoot the upper spinner.


New Code v1.03.0!

Thank you THANK YOU @sk8ball for this long overdue and very appreciated system change:

  • Added adjustment to scale GI, Insert, and Flasher LED brightness, range is 25% to 100%.
  • Added adjustment to limit GI, Insert, and Flasher LED Max brightness, range is 64 to 255.


Question about 1.03.

Do the drops now reset early in ball search? Was playing the first game after install and had one drop left to qualify Trooper locks and it went into ball search and reset the targets. Just wondering if this is a change.


Here’s a fun little easter egg. The hieroglyphs on the title screen spell out “Eddie Lives”. Has anybody noticed this yet?


Found a bug in 1.0.3 new code, drain with mode lit makes you lose that mode forever. See video:

Appears to happen on flight of Icarus and Fear of the Dark (maybe others?) Factory settings.




This just happened in 1.02 code:

I was in Aces High, and during what I thought would be the grace period after draining down to one ball, I hit Mystery to add a ball. It did not add a ball, but instead the center ramp was lit for a mode start. The lit mode started correctly when I hit the center ramp.

Was this a bug, or is there some kind of “Complete EDDIE” Mystery award?


That’s a level 2 (maybe 3) award, if I recall properly. No bugs here!

Also @sk8ball: with the 1.03 code, do you still need all Eddie level 2 cards for Run to the Hills or can you bypass that with the 6 way combo?


Not sure I understand the difference between these two settings.