Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Lol, nice!


yes you can! 6 way combo can take the place level 2 cards or a soul shard


The SCALE adjustment will proportionally update the brightness value used to control the set of LEDs for GI, Inserts, or Flashers. The MAX adjustment will clamp the value of an individual LED to a threshold brightness. If both are specified, the scaling is performed before the clamping. Scaling will retain the relative level of brightness within the LED set (GI, Insert, Flasher), while clamping will not. Clamping may be better suited for GI and Flasher, and scaling better suited for Inserts.


Could not replicate.
Non factory settings, competition mode, player competition, Brickerus is default starting mode.


This happened to me today with FOTD. Later in the same game the bug didn’t occur with Aces High. Long story short, I’m good at draining with a mode lit.

Unfortunate bug, as I love playing FOTD. Might downgrade to v1.02 for now.


Maybe I missed it, but I’m having trouble picturing the 6-way combo. I can see several 5-way combos though.

Is the back-center post involved? Then it could go left ramp -> right ramp -> left orbit -> big loop -> post grabs -> little loop -> super jackpot target.


Right ramp,left orbit, big loop, left ramp, right orbit, little loop.

I havn’t hit all 6 yet, but this is at least one possible path that doesn’t involve posts.


Great! Yeah with allowing the ball to pass upper flippers, a lot more options open up.


Easiest- mini loop to drop catch on right flipper, left ramp, right ramp, L orbit, big loop,loop pass, right orbit. remember there is no timer


On my Premium, I had my flippers die mid ball on new code. Heard that it has happened twice on one of our on location premiums as well.

Might be something to keep an eye out to squash.

Might also just be coincidental trough shenanigans.


Did the bonus get collected?


Not on mine. Not sure about the location machine.


This happened at Comic-Con as well, (so obviously before 1.03 code). I believe Mummy Multiball may have played a part in it as well. Could’ve been a faulty trough switch perhaps.

I do recall though my ball randomly ending, but I did get my bonus. I was nudging it quite a bit so I was also worried I had tilted. :rofl:


It appears that this bug was just fixed in the 1.04 code released on 8/16.


This is what I ended up shooting to finally collect a 6-way combo. Starting with the upper right loop gets the toughest shot out of the way early. This is the strategy suggested by Elwin earlier in the thread. Hope this diagram makes it a little easier to visualize.


Oh thanks so much! I would have been in the dark otherwise, must have been a silent release like the last guardians revision


Is there a way to tell if the secret skill shots are off?


If in tournament, assume so. Otherwise, test one of the easier super skills (like bullseye target) to see if it registers.


This is probably the correct approach, although I think in most cases they will be on. Most tournaments do no install tournament setting. They simply enable tournament mode.

It would be cool if instant info had a settings summary page for gameplay options. TD would no longer need to put up signs for changes, it would all be highlighted. With the display it is now feasible.


I guess it depends on how big the tournament is. Circuit events are all pretty much Tournament/Competitive -> Novelty installs; both Pinburgh and WIPT had skill shots disabled.

Local tournaments may not play as close to the fold.

I know someone in pinball probably loves us enough to do that… seriously a great idea.