Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Might want to check your notes on pinburgh. It had secret skillshots for the first couple sessions until someone complained when their opponent got the outlane skillshot.


Ah, didn’t get thrown on that ruling. I assumed WIPT ran the same rules as Pinburgh all the way through. Assumption redacted in retrospect!


Don’t forget to cash in your deathblow after a 6-way combo! DB= current combo value (newton balls, skill shot target) Super DBs are worth 3x current combo value (Bullseye segment, left spinner, super jack target)

6 way combo= 20mil
Deathblow= 20 mil
Super Db= 60 mil
Super DB during super combos 60Mil x 5= 300 mil
Super DB during super combos 60Mil x 5= 300 mil x 3x playfield scoring = 900mil!


With the 6-way being the max combo, is there any timer on claiming your juicy post-6-way DB? Or if you shoot a non-DB shot after your 6-way, would that negate your chance of claiming the 6-way DB?


Nope. So you have plenty of time to set up a super DB


Where is the x 5 coming from for super combos (or what exactly is a super combo)?


Super Combos is the 4th tomb award, which gives you 5x combos for the rest of the ball.


Round 1 pinburgh this year my outlane skill on ball 1 was enough to win the match. :rofl:


On both 1.03 and 1.04 I am having some sound issues on my PRO.

With the volume set to 20, I am experiencing some major clipping and distortion with bass heavy sound effects. EDIT Not sure if it is bass or treble. Just heard it again for the Orb Mystery collect and Mummy letters collected Most notably, Jackpots in 2MTM and multiballs trigger the clipping.

What should I be adjusting in the new sound options to correct for this?
This was not an issue before 1.03.



Ah duh. Okay, time to play all night


I’d have done just fine this year if every outlane awarded the SSSS permanently. :rofl::sob:


new goal


What is ‘? Master’ in the high score table? It says the default is 3 ‘hits’ ??


Shatzing the left return lane and hitting the standup target.


Or just timing the inlane and shatz target right during MB?


Just added a playfield description.


Whenever I have a ball held by the upper right up post, it gets stuck. I used to be able to give it a little nudge and continue playing np but it seems to be getting worse. Anyone know what the ball is getting hung up on up there/fix?


Is the mylar bubbled?


Happens on all the IMDN’s I’ve ever played on location and in tourney’s. Ball search won’t release it. A hard shove does though, tilt, to bad.

Is there a set slope where this wont happen? Curious.


Yeah I’ve seen it on a few games too. Ball stops at the apex of the inner lane guide. Height of the lowered post doesn’t seem to matter. Not resting against or in the post hole. Ball is just stuck at the top.

Haven’t noticed any bubbled Mylar. A properly placed extra small circle of 5mm Mylar might get the ball going towards right orbit once the post goes down. If small enough, it won’t affect fast loop or orbit shots.