Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Wonder if some mylar/cling vinyl on the inside rail would be enough to push the ball out so doesn’t hang there.


This was happening on mine and it was definitely caused by the end of the mylar bubbling up in the center; added juuuust enough resistance to keep the ball from rolling away to the right. I ended up cutting a small piece out of the mylar which fixed the issue for a while. However, the problem recently started happening again and I haven’t had a chance to investigate the cause yet.


Looked at the one near me earlier and the Mylar is bubbling as described above (at the middle/ end). With how fast screaming left orbit shots must stop at that post, no doubt the balls bounce. Mylar looks like it takes a beating there. Will let the op know.

Had an especially bad FOI mode when I was about done and I think I heard loud scary dude say: MORE LIKE FLIGHT OF BRICKARUS. lol


Is it possible to find out how many total loops you have? NEED EBS!


Had an interesting thing happen to me last night. not sure if it is a software bug of just a random switch thing.

Ball 3, playing FOD. Collect last power triangle during mode (so cyborg should be ready when I get out of mode). Drain out the left outlane. I’m expecting game over, but strangly, cyborg multiball starts!

I cannot recall if FOD was still running or it just ended or what. Tried replicating twice with the glass off and could not do it.


Is there ever a point where starting Mummy Multiball requires two captive ball hits per letter? I was pretty deep into a game (roughly a billion) where I noticed the captive ball wasn’t always registering letters, but I also knew that particular captive ball was a little flaky at times. It just seemed “more” flaky later into the game… :thinking:


Yes. I think 3rd mummy multiball requires 2 hits per letter.


Possible bug in 1.04
4 player game.
Player 3 (me) ball two. Had Mummy lock qualified and FOI qualified. Shoot bullseye target get the well known ricochet over the post in the left loop, straight down to the left outlane, it was a strange bounce and hit no other switches before draining.
Game never awarded the lock or started FOI before ball the ball drained.
Start ball 3 FOI lit solid. White shots were lit to start another mode as normal, but Mummy hits would not advance any longer. I drained shortly after realizing I had no Mummy lock and letters weren’t advancing, so I have no Idea if I could have played another mode after that either.

EDIT- Tried to reproduce with glass off did not reoccur. Must have been a weird one time glitch.


This sounds fascinating. Are there any streams/video available?


Escher has a pretty decent Madness MB during his epic Run To The Hills game. Check out a replay of his stream here:

at around 1:01:30 is where the Madness mode starts. Watch closely, lol.


It was at 1:02:30 for me.


You guys have madness enabled? :thinking:


Watched it last night. Simply amazing! 5+ billion and Number of the Beast conquered. :sunglasses:

I loved the part where he says “I’m making all my shots!”. That’s how I feel when stuff happens the way I want (rarely). :wink:

Thanks for sharing, now I see how the game is played.


Possibly found a bug where I got the Aces high super jackpot during grace period ( drained my multiball, then shot the middle), and it didn’t light a soul shard :frowning:

Random unrelated question: what actually qualifies a power jackpot? I swear I’ve had ones lit even though I have no triangles completed (possibly from a 15 mil tomb award?) or had a 2x multiplier after only completing one triangle.


I think you can light one from a mystery award. And if it makes your collect 2x when you actually do complete a triangle, that would make sense.


The orb secret skillshot raises the power jackpot multiplier. Any chance you hit that?


I had a similar thing happen to me on Rime — I nailed the Starboard JP at the bullseye during grace period after draining down to one ball, and the screen showed my Starboard JP, Multiball Mode ended, but no Soul Shard lit.

I figured it wasn’t a bug, because the mode was simply being nice enough to give me my Starboard JP after I’d drained out of MB — I didn’t feel like I’d earned a lit shard legitimately, so I’m fine with how the software handled it.


Once your PJP hits 1M, the shot lights. This can be from mystery, power features, tomb treasures, etc.


One small bug still in the latest code.
The audits relating to RotAM (94, 95 & 96) still always read 0.

I’ve collected a SS from RotAM, so there should be something in there.

Also, can you knock 10pts off the starting score, for the OCD in me.


Same thing happening to me. I contacted tech support - sounds like they’re working on it. If you haven’t already, I’d def shoot them an email.

Most noticeable for me is during the 2M2M explosions and the quiet bass-y part when you’re well into Mariner (The song, not the mode).