Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Possible glitch/bug. Had Aces High ready, but before I started it I completed my power features and had Cyborg lit. Bricked the first shot out the left outlane with revive lit. Started cyborg after the drain played out scored 4 jackpots then drained back to single ball play. Immediately after Cyborg ended but before the mode totaled up the “shoot up the middle” callout starts. I shoot up the middle to start Aces, but the post did not come up to catch the ball (the Aces insert was flashing). As I was cradling up two balls were auto launched but nothing was lit. Hitting shots registered nothing (possibly scored some points for things) Drained two balls and the Aces insert goes solid and the game goes back to normal play.


Not sure whether rules are considered finished now but would like to offer just 2 tweaks.

When you get a SS from completing a mode, have the insert lit solid for collected, and blinking for started mode but not collected. (I know in status it shows collected SSs)

On your 2nd time around, having played 2mtm, have modes where the SS has been collected already lit. (I know you can change lit mode by left spinner, but that’s still random what mode you finish on)
It gets boring timing out 3-4 modes because you’ve already collected the SS .There isn’t even a hurry up shot for completing it again, so no incentive to play it - it just turns off.
Had forgotten I’d already requested this


I believe the layout section of the Wiki incorrectly identifies the center ramp as the “Sarcophagus” when in fact it is the Pharaoh shot.

“Sarcophagus: This is a unique jump ramp that leads to a target at the back panel of the game.”

should be

“Pharaoh Ramp: This is a unique jump ramp that leads to a target at the back panel of the game.”


“Captive Ball: This target is in between the left orbit and Sarcophagus.”

should be

“Sarcophagus Captive Ball: This target is in between the left orbit and Pharaoh ramp.”



Think I found a bug in most recent code. I could be wrong or it could be mentioned above.

Icarus was running and just as the mode timed out I hit the orb to extend time. Instead of extending time it either immediately qualified or started a mode(can’t remember), but I definitely did not qualify a mode by spelling Eddie.


So during Run To The Hills, all the shots are lit blue and never turn off. Each blue shot you make it builds the pyramid value. You’ll notice the yellow pyramid lights on the playfield slowly build till the red insert of the pyramid lights up, then you know the main super jackpot is lit up the middle ramp and the mummy captive ball is an add-a-ball after 5 or 6 mummy hits.
• 1st super jackpot is 1x value. (Blue arrows)
• 2nd super jackpot is 2x value (Green arrows)
• 3rd super jackpot is 3x value (Yellow arrows)
• 4th super jackpot is 4x value (I’m assuming pink/red arrows).
I bet you can “finish the Mode” for an AMAZING jackpot, but I haven’t done it.


New code 1.6: Bug or new feature? Aces High and ROTAM the up ost no longer comes up to trap balls at mb start.


Nvm. Just found it in the readme:

  • added ‘LIMIT RIGHT UP POST USE’ - defaults to YES, which will not raise the Right Up Post for mode starts, change to NO to revert to old behavior

Btw, the new lighting effects are off the hook! They’re almost like Dwighting effects haha :blush:


Wondering if this is a bug or intentional. If you turn feature adjustment #65 to no - so that the up posts work like they did originally; either comes up for aces high.


Encountered a bug I had never seen before after installing 1.06 last night. When I made the final shot to complete Number of the Beast the flippers turned off and the ball drained like usual, but the mode did not actually end and the game was effectively soft locked. Trying cycling the balls through the trough but it remained stuck on the screen showing the beast’s remaining health (reported as 0 at that point). Had to end up power cycling the game to escape.

Ran through NOTB this morning with the glass off to see if I could reproduce the issue but it seemed to work properly so it’s not something that happens 100% of the time (so I’m not actually sure if it’s related to the new code or not). Not sure what could have triggered the bug; nothing too unusual happened during the game where it soft locked. I think mummy was the last card I collected?


Possible 1.06 bug. Twice now I’ve locked a ball (LE) in the sarcophagus just after draining the second ball while in Mummy MB and rather give me a cool reward and call out like “you cheat Jr. Jones” it just sits there until eventually ball search drains it back into play.

Also noticed when this happens the ball goes directly from the left ramp tomb entrance into the sarcophagus lock, it doesn’t get blocked by the little backboard gate and staged into the lock like it normally would.


Bummer of a time for a bug that forced a power cycle reset. :weary:


Can the first tomb award of 15 million be multiplied 3x?

I had it lit, and had the 3x lit, and hit the shot but pretty sure I only got 15m, whereas hoped for 45m?



Yes, you will get 45 million.


It sounds like you qualified 3x scoring, but didn’t start it. Once the 3x (or 2x) insert is lit solid, you have to hit a lit inlane to start 3x scoring. 3x insert lit solid = 3x is qualified. 3x insert flashing = 3x scoring has started. The faster the insert flashes, the sooner it will stop flashing (and 3x scoring will be over).


Did you check the switches in the mech? I had many wierdisms with the switches, put in the WPC roller switches (which are actually what’s in the manual for the LE) and it’s been bullet proof since. (Touches wood).


Ah, thanks - I thought I may have a switch error.

I thought once I saw it lit, I had 2x or 3x going.

Did not know you then had to start it.

I had noticed it flashing but thought that meant it was about to run out!

Thanks again


Yes, my trough switches have been upgraded as well. It’s not the switches. Work just fine under normal “expected” play conditions.

Thanks for the suggestion though.


Trooper Multiball tutorial:


Yeah, it’s solid when it’s ready. Then you start it through the inlane. It blinks while it’s running, and it gets faster and faster as it is timing out.


For the last code version Icarus was lit at game
Start. In 1.06 a random mode is lit at start of a game. Not sure if in the last version that was due to a setting choice or was default. Can someone confirm? Thanks