Yes, and the virtual queues were awesome. It was the same software used at PAPA. The lines were (understandably) long, but I was able to queue up, observe that there were 6 people ahead of me, and then proceeded to run around the show floor. At one point when the lines were very long in the mid-afternoon, I queued up, left the venue, went to the taco shop down the road, and still made it back in time to play my game.


There’s a taco shop down the road? :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, I was wondering the same thing…


A delicious one. Are there twice last year. It’s on the opposite corner of ten penny. Was the old fun bar place.



Thanks. I actually ate there before. It was good.


People may have seen this on Facebook already, but PAPAtv will be doing a Pinburgh Bank Reveal next Saturday (July 14th):


Early check in information:


Will the WIPT banks be revealed ahead of time? I’m asking so I can make changes to my PinballSpinner banks site to include a listing for WIPT banks if they’re published ahead of time.


I already registered for Pinburgh but I haven’t bought my ReplayFX ticket yet. If I do that online can I pick it up at pre-registration on Wednesday? @PAPA_Doug @bkerins


Yes. Also, neither Doug nor Bowen are going to know this sort of thing, so I’m just answering for them.


Rad, thanks @chesh !


The WIPT banks will not be revealed ahead of time.


You guys, I’m so bored at work and so pumped for pinburgh I’m re-reading the rules.


I will give you a huge tip if you qualify on Saturday. All participants need to register at the morning session even if you have a bye to next round. Remember to check in then go somewhere to chill . Do not miss check in , if you do miss check in then you are not going to play in final rounds.


Are the banks for this year posted somewhere?


Doug says they will update online tomorrow…


Cool, did he say where?


yeah. right here :smiley:


Heh, Thanks. I was hoping for a text list or spreadsheet like previous years. Will something similar be published this year?