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North Carolina



Congratulations to @triadwatch who is now in!


For those of you using Matchplay for your brackets, does it allow to you have a full consolation bracket with all 16 spots played out?


It looks to be very basic and goes from 16->8->4->2->1 . It doesn’t look to display an actual bracket like challonge nor offer the ability to add a tie breaker for 3&4th place. You also can’t see the head2head matches till you start the tournament. All of these I wish will be improved upon. I also have a challonge bracket and may revert back and just submit results to matchplays site via


Unless I’m missing it, Challonge doesn’t have a full consolation bracket either – just a 3rd/4th consolation.

In case anyone’s not aware, all places should be played out.

The 3rd/4th place Consolation Final will be played as a best-of-three instead of a best-of-seven like all other rounds, using the same rules. All other finishing positions will also be played out in best-of-three matches to also determine 5th through 16th place.


I plan to have 9-16 tie for 9th and 5-8 tie for 5th unless we have players that don’t want to forfeit.


I won’t force anyone to play who doesn’t want to of course, but Vermont will be a default opt in.

We’ve always had at least 1 player come in from another state and I think it’s especially rough for those players to travel and pay $20 and be done after one round.


Yea, we’re at a public location utilizing coin drop. I’d prefer people forfeited and submitted scores on the 5 other games in the selfie league. Would prevent needing to wait on games for folks breaking ties between 9-16.


Matchplay does do the 3rd and 4th place match in the tests that I’ve run but doesn’t offer the ability to play out all the matches. What I did last year was ask that players unanimously vote on whether they want to play out all the spots, which was an enthusiastic “No”.




I let peer pressure do my dirty work.

But seriously, if someone wanted to play it out, my guess is that some people would play and others would simply forfeit. Last year, everyone was happy to share last place (myself included).


Looking for some advice here since this is the first SCS for Delaware. Vote to play out all positions? If yes, I have the bracket ready to go. If they say no, then how does the placing work?


I’d play out top 8. Let the rest fall where they may.


Once the tournament is started you can see the bracket on the Match Play Live page for the tournament.

MP will create a two-player tiebreaker game for 3rd/4th place as well as a four-player game for 5th-8th place (you can play it out any way you want, this is just the simplest way to get the results entered). These games will show up once you enter enough results that they become relevant.

No tiebreaker game are created for 9th-16th since it’s highly unusual for those positions to be played out in any tournament that’s not an SCS bracket.

I love hearing feedback. The feedback forums are the best place to submit your suggestions for improvements. You can see what features other people have suggested and vote for your favorites. The feedback forums are here:


Here are the Massachusetts Bracket and Streaming info.
We wont be having consolations rounds but i’m sure there will be plenty of dollar games.
A nice little touch this year is we’ll have a photographer coming out from Southwest Airlines inflight magazine taking pictures and doing a story on pinball.


Texas SCS MatchPlay link:

Updated with pin list… great lineup… well, except North Star lol.

EM (2)
Gottlieb Atlantis, North Star

SS (7)
Bally Elektra, Future Spa, Paragon, Silverball Mania
Stern Magic, Meteor, Seawitch

DMD (6)
Bally Indy500, Shadow
Stern CSI, Iron Man, Walking Dead Premium

Modern LCD (4)
JJP Dialed In LE
Stern Aerosmith Pro, Guardians Of The Galaxy Pro, Star War Pro


@dbs will WA have an online bracket (compatible with MatchPlay ratings )? :slight_smile:


KY Bracket as of today. No stream planned that I know of.


We also plan to have all the brackets/streams listed on the IFPA website too.
Edit: Nevermind. Seems none of that data was saved. Oops


Vermont’s bracket:

Game list:
AC/DC (Premium)
Attack From Mars
Black Knight
Devil’s Dare
Harlem Globetrotters
High Speed
Indianapolis 500
Joker Poker
Metallica (Pro)
Space Shuttle
Walking Dead (Pro)
World Cup Soccer
[Backup] Fireball


Is anyone making bracket predictions? I remember 2 years ago the Ohio SCS had that, and an alternate totally busted up my bracket!