SCS brackets/streams/updates


OR cut line was 17 (one of our players is going to play in GA).


VT cut line is currently 81. :slight_smile:

If you eliminate the people who qualified via New England Pinball League but live in other states, that number is more like 18.


Of course the GA champ’s gonna defend his title. Best of luck to Miazga!

PA I think is projected around 30 or so - Doug can give the final tally later.


I believe we are tied for highest cut line. Only went to 17th. Gene X staying in California.


Kansas appears to have you beat.


The First State cut line is at 20. I’m proud to see Delaware joining the SCS!


Are there any 3- or 4-time state champs going for their 4th/5th title?


We only have one repeater, and he didn’t qualify this year.


NJ has it’s State Champ going for his 3rd title in a row!! (Jason Zahler)


Yours truly. I won three straight in Alabama before bombing out and coming in 4th last year. Looking to get the magic back!


Come on. 4th in the State Championship is not bombing out. :slight_smile:


Colorado went to 17th. The lone defector is working the register at his semi-newly opened pinball arcade.


I’m going for my 4th, won the first one, last the second one, won the last 2.


How many five time repeaters do people have? I think we have five.


Sad news for me is that in North Carolina the 16th spot is 27th place and I am the alternate at 29th place thanks to Trent finally picking NC to play so now I will be the TD for SCS instead of competitor.


We’ll be streaming the NY state finals on the Buffalo Pinball Twitch channel:


The first ever State Tournament in Delaware is going to be streamed by the guys at Rage Tilt. Awesome for these guys to step in and do this. Thanks Rage!!


Check this out: Jason Werdrick got into this year’s NV SCS solely based on coming in 2nd in last year’s SCS - - that was his only NV event this year.


The Arizona cut line is 16th. All the top 16 said they will attend. Top 23 were all in-state. 16th place has 79.07 WPPR points.

Will McKinney won the last 3 and is going for the 4-peat!


Lots of Carpetbaggers coming to RI this time. Glad next year the NEPL will not count towards all six New England states. Pretty sure Mitch and Eric didn’t play an actual event in RI.