SCS brackets/streams/updates


Yeah but Mitch has to reclaim his RI scs title :wink:

CT went down to 34. Not bad with NEPL dominating a lot of New England and also hosting a PAPA Circuit Major. All 16 are regular weekly players. I don’t say local because our players come from NY and MA every week and I personally consider them CT locals :blush:


This was definitely part of the reason we wanted to clean this up. NEPL provided a nice safety net for certain players that the non-NEPL members didn’t receive.

I think the process set for 2018 will still allow NEPL to have a big impact for players that play, just in the one state they are gunning for rather than all of them.


Still cannot understand how the scs from last year’s events counts towards next year’s totals. It does not make sense to give a upper hand to 16 players for the upcoming year. The scs should be counted towards last year’s totals not the upcoming years or should not have any wppr point at all.


Because we like easy filtering :slight_smile:


Agree, SCS should be worth ZERO points. Specially for 2018 since $'s will be the motivating factor.


Interesting … We get more emails that SCS should be worth MORE points through an automatic boost similar to what we do for Majors.

Shocking that the world would have such varying opinions on this :slight_smile:


So this has nothing to do with being fair and equitable but easy filtering , got it.


So you’re going to bring this up every year and be surprised by the answer, got it :slight_smile:


all year, everyone can play in any event, wherever they want, there is no shortage of all inclusive events. for one day of the year there is one tournament that has a filter on it, and its people who are extremely talented and have worked hard all year to be there. Is it so wrong that they get a little boost (practically obsolete) from all their efforts? if we invited everyone, it wouldnt be the state championships, it would be just another free for all. I think competitive pinball needs to embrace this type of filter more often.


maybe one of these days you might understand the rationale but probably not, let’s just have someone play in not one event in a state but qualify for scs on the previous year’s points, sounds like a great plan


I mean, isn’t that still an event in that state? Seems pretty solid to me.


Maybe one of these days you might understand the motivation of growing a state scene to be big enough to handle the impact of the State Championship results being included.

Make the SCS results meaningless … Start more events in your state.


A few other stats I’ll check once selections are final:

Fewest points for a #1 seed
Fewest points to get in [#16 seed]
Most points without being #1 seed [highest #2]
Furthest down list to go for #1 seed


so you think that at the end of a year long quest for points, those who got the most points, should then play in a tournament not for points because there is more money involved than the less valuable tournaments throughout the year, because it would be unfair to those who were not given the opportunity to win this money or earn those points?


Pretty sure Ohio takes this one


I deam the SCS not worthy of points for 2018’s SCS due to it being a restricted event. The players in the field are getting rewarded for their prior years play with $'s. They can earn 2018 points just like all players during regular events, thus keeping opportunities equal for all. I can’t think of a reason why they should also be rewarded points for the current year for playing in a past years championship.


Do you also think that IFPA World Championships shouldn’t be worth points?


I don’t feel like SCS are restricted events. Qualifying for SCS goes on all year. After that year, only X amount make the cut. It’s not that different than any other playoffs structure except in regards to how long the qualifying run goes.


SCS points no, World points sure.


And I just realized with IFPA week events in Ontario might make qualifying for provincials next year more interesting.