Twitch/livestream setups.


Ah, good to know. Would be great to have such a feature with OBS eventually.

I’m not sure the method that @hisokajp would be doable. I worry about lag and I assume the framerate on the commentators end would make it unwatchable for them. But I’d have to test it to be sure…


I can confirm that Skype works amazing actually. Have someone skype you, and capture the window.


Would you then share your screen back to that person? Would it be clear enough for them to commentate?


Oh I see what you mean. A screen share would be your best bet. Let me look into this and get back to ya.


would be worth checking but i would assume the commentators may need to be aware of the small delay when interacting. That and the added CPU usage of sharing video through skype, not negligible in some case.


You can screen share back to remote commentators using Xsplit. We’ve done it a bunch on our talk show. You just pick it on Skype as what to show to the caller.

I recently switched over to OBS and haven’t had a remote guest since but will give it a shot when I have a chance.


Xsplit is nice since it can create a virtual cam of your feed, last I check OBS doesn’t have this, but I’m sure there is an option.
Enough of us diggin around should nail it down.
The VMix stuff that papa is using is pretty slick tho.

Depending on updates, I bounce between several broadcasting options. Xsplit/OBS/Lightstream/etc


Lightstream is built on an older broadcast app, that had this very functionality as a main thing they promoted.


What made you guys go full OBS if you don’t mind me asking?


Lightstream. The developers are pals of mine and have been making this software shine!


The Virtualcam OBS plugin exposes your stream output as a webcam that you can then use in Skype/Discord/etc. Don’t have any experience with it, but it might be better than screen sharing.

The latest Skype betas have a nifty feature that can export a live NDI feed of each caller in a Skype call. This lets you import them directly into OBS using the NDI plugin and work with them like any other video source.


Ooh this looks promising!


Ooooh sexy!!


The Skype NDI is interesting. I haven’t played with more than 1 NDI source at a time.
Just thinking of resource usage.


About to start streaming some fathom!!! Featuring the introduction of the nemesis box!!!

Let us know what ya think!!!


I was screwing around with this multiple C920 webcam thing today because bouncing back and forth was driving me up a wall. I was able to make some headway. I completely removed the entire Logitech Webcam Software package along with the drivers. I plugged in a camera, and through the device manager, I “updated” the driver to use the old Generic USB Video Device driver.

I can now use the OBS right click -> Properties and configure each camera independently inside of OBS. I’m not sure if the settings persist between reboots, disconnecting the cameras, etc, but at least they are all able to be managed from inside of OBS independently.

Not sure if that helps anyone or not, but it makes my life a little easier.


I do this as well. Settings are not guaranteed to hold, but yeah it’s way better than dealing with the Logitech settings software imo.


It’s that time again!!!

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I wonder where those settings are stored. If that could be determined, you could make a copy of the config file and just reload after reboots.

Can the logitech drivers do anything the generic drivers cannot?


That’s a really good idea. I’m going to have to poke around and see if I can find a file that’s modified after changing the settings.