Twitch/livestream setups.


I figured, but I don’t even know where to begin in terms of sourcing materials, having it cut, etc.


Assuming the picture you posted cannot be purchased, what about modifying this?

Eliminator Lighting Lighting Stands LTS16 Stage Light Accessory


The picture above can be purchased, but it is not the correct dimensions for what I’m thinking. It’s only like 3 feet tall. For pinball, it would need to be 7 feet or so.

The problem with the lighting stand you linked is the tripod bottoms. They take up a ton of room, so not ideal for moving between games.

ultimately, I’m thinking about tournament streaming. If you’ve got a bunch of machines, many of them close together, you want something that you can easily slide between games.

Here’s a crude drawing, but you get the idea.


Yeah that would be awesome. Edit: why not take off the tripod bottoms of what I linked and add your legs and casters from your pic? Would be easier than doing from scratch I’d think.

I’m rolling with the tripod bottom stands for now. I’m doing this for tournament streams too. Like I said, my goal is 20 game stream capability with 6 cameras. We will see.


First thing that came to mind when I saw that was a excercise stand like


There’s plenty of wiggle room, not like an IR beam.


Thanks again Karl.

Perhaps a tripod on wheels and looks like it folds. May not support the camera weight though


Hi all - need a little help getting a setup together to stream tournaments in the future.

Looking to be able to switch between 8 machines (3 cams each) + commentary and looking to go all HDMI.

Playfield cameras will be the usual CX405s but looking for suggestions for player and display cams. I’ve seen cheap GoPros used but as I will be getting 16 of them so not too fussy with quality.

How practical is it to use 3 x 8 port HDMI switches to change cameras? I’ve seen people use the Monoprice ones - are they good for this? As it will be a mobile setup using a laptop (heavy specs) I won’t have PCI slots so will be relying on usb ports - again how practical is it having HDMI hubs outputting to USB capture devices? Currently using an Inogeni card for my playfield but quite $$$ so not sure I want to buy another 2 - will the Elgato camlinks work with HDMI hubs?

Only looking to have a max of 2 people on the commentary so have been recommended this

Any thoughts or recommendations welcome. I have a few months to work this out. Maybe I should have asked - if you were setting up a stream to switch between 8 machines + commentary what’s the ideal setup?


Running three Monoprice switches should be fine. I use two regularly. The app I posted above can help you control them remotely. You run a separate instance of the app for each switch (it’s on my todo list to let you control multiple from a single instance!). You will have a few seconds of no signal whenever you change inputs – I cover this with a video transition.

The Cam Links work fine with the HDMI switches, but you might run into bandwidth issues trying to do 3 video capture devices over USB on a laptop. You can try turning down the resolution of some of the cameras to 720p to spare some bandwidth. Your cams will be scaled down in the final layout anyway, so not a huge need for 1080p.


Has anyone used one of these?

Seems like it might be a good option for cheap score/player cams. Has a micro hdmi output. Only thing that worries me is the wide angle lens, which might look funny.


Those little “Action Cams” are super hit-or-miss. You might check out the GoPrawn forums to see if they have any posts about that make/model:

Odds are high the camera’s actual specs don’t match what’s being marketed. Images often get upscaled on the device, etc.


interesting! found one thread, people are claiming it’s basically a reskinned dash cam, and doesn’t actually do 60 fps.


I used to use similar cameras (Xaomi Yi, dbpower, actual GoPro) but found the quality to be substandard and the wide angle lens was a pain to deal with, IMO. Ditched all of them.


I’ve also used them occasionally, they are kind of handy because some can work over WiFi. But the wide angle lens does indeed suck. In particular, any modern LCD game is super unreadable.


I have a Sony hdrCX-405 I use for my playfield camera. I was streaming last night and the camera got blurry while I was streaming. I didn’t realize the auto focus was on.

I have now changed the focus to manual.

Should I change the exposure to manual as well?

Is there anything else I should disable with these type of cameras?


Demo mode and auto focus are the only two I disable.

I leave exposure on auto as I move my rig game to game and like it to compensate.


Thanks. What does demo mode do?


No idea, haha. @kdeangelo told me to turn it off and I didn’t ask questions. Haha.


lol. I wouldn’t ask questions either then.


If demo mode is on the camera will go into a store demo mode after being inactive for a certain period of time. Not a good idea during a stream :rofl: