Twitch/livestream setups.


How reliable are the Monoprice hdmi transmitters? Do they randomly cut out or anything like that? (Assuming no obstruction of beam)


Send me the dimensions Phil. I think I can build a prototype.


I am going to be streaming with the monoprice wireless hdmi transmitters today. Foxcitiespinball from 1-7pm on twitch for a MatchPlay Tournament.

I did see in the Best Buy flyer these wireless hdmi transmitters:

They are on sale for $150 this week and say they can go through walls and floors but some of the reviews say otherwise.


Is this your first time? Are you using two or one? Do you ever have problems with the signal cutting out?

Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure wireless is the way to go before I start investing


It wasn’t my first time streaming, but first time doing a larger tournament. I have been using the HDMI transmitters for about a week. Today I lost the signal shortly but was able to get it back fast. I believe it was when I moved from the first game. After that I did not lose the signal and moved about 40-50 feet between them.
I was using just one, my overhead camera.
I have a large lithium battery that I have a usb hub (for 2 webcams), my Sony camera and the hdmi transmitter powered using a 6 outlet plug. I had the lithium battery on for roughly 7 hours before it died, during the last match of course.
The stream was okay. I could of did a lot better job but I was a one man crew most of the day and playing and trying to commentate is not for me unfortunately. This will get better as one my commentaries was at the NW show.
The HDMI transmitters worked great. Have to give them a thumbs up. Not really needed at home but definitely worth it in a tournament setting with one portable rig IMHO.
Hope that helps. I am totally a novice at this so you may want to ask some like Karl for his input.


Heads up, everything is 20% off on Monoprice today. Use code YAY20. Time to buy some wireless transmitters :slight_smile:


A warning to European wanna-be-streamers: The EU version of Sony HDR-CX405 (and probably other Sony consumer cams) can not be set up to capture at 60fps. You will be stuck with 50fps. Since most people are watching streams at 60fps (including in Europe) and 50-to-60fps conversion looks less than stellar for pinball, other cameras may be a better option. Now I’m considering buying a US model CX405 or something…

At least that’s what I think is my problem. For reference, here’s the first test stream from my rig:


  • Sony HDR-CX405 into Magewell USB Capture HDMI for playfield, 1280x720 @50fps (cam), captured at 60fps
  • Logitech C930e for DMD and sound, 1280x720 @30fps
  • Logitech BRIO for player, 1280x720 @60fps
  • Each camera into a dedicated USB port on a Lenovo T470p
  • OBS set up to stream 1920x1080 @60fps, 8000kbps bitrate (zero dropped frames, CPU at about 40%)


Twitch will massively break if you are streaming at a bitrate higher than 6000kbps due to “reasons”; if you’re not an affiliate and don’t have quality options then many mobile or non-ultra-fast-net users will be able to watch your stream either. I suggest either downgrading to 720p60 and streaming at 3500 or so or doing 1080p60 at 4000-4500. If you have enough CPU overhead you can crank the encoding preset one notch higher to improve quality at the lower bitrate.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll do another test tonight with those settings.

Edit: Looks like the laptop can handle 720p60 with ‘faster’ encoding preset at 3500-4000, with the CPU hovering around 50% and no warnings about encoder overload. Visual check will have to wait until tonight.


No prob! If you want, you can also try and optimize the quality of your cams by selecting a different scaling filter type like Lanczos or Bicubic for them in the source settings for each camera. Since you’re downscaling the rotated cams pretty heavily to fit them on screen, what filter you use is going to matter more than normal.


stick a memory stick in the camera and then record something then I think you can change the format with the menu->image/quality/size option. in record mode, not sure if it affects the HDMI out but it might!


I believe 50fps on European models is tied to the fact that power runs at 50hz in Europe, 60 fps could cause some funky effects depending on the type of lighting you are using.


The 922 @ 60fps looks like crap. It makes it all mushy looking. At least that is how it was. Maybe there has been a new firmware but I’ve given up on using it at 60fps. However I think it looks better than the 920 at 30fps so it does have some value over a 920.


Huh, I wonder why I wrote C922. It is actually a BRIO. Picture looks OK, considering probably sub-optimal lighting conditions.


One other thing: Neither of the Logitech cams were even close to usable with Logitech’s own drivers. Horrible lag/smearing. When I changed to Microsoft’s generic driver instead, they work so much better.


Anyone have recommendations for rolling equipment bags/cases? I need something about 22" tall to fit my mic stands and have a little bit of depth to throw a 13" screen and NUC in there along with a couple wifi routers. I’m looking at a 22" Fila rolling duffel on Amazon but not so sure that’ll be as sturdy as I might need.


This is my experience as well. I think as a step up from the c922, the brio works fine. Need to play with white balance a bit more, but I like it.


Anyone here using multiple Elgato HD60 Pros? I just installed a second one on my machine, and now the driver software looks all weird when I click “configure video” in OBS. It used to be a really polished looking modal window, now it’s this blegh looking default window. Anyone have any idea of what’s going on?


Elgato has a different driver for when multiple of their cards are used in a system, and it’s not nearly as nice as the single-card driver. It used to be that you had to make a special request with them for the driver although it looks like it may be bundled in the same package now. Regardless, they don’t seem to support multi-card users as well as their single-card users.


Made a small bit of improvement after chatting with another streamer (mn_pinball) tonight after an event. I was telling him about using the Pi cameras remotely and the lag OBS has for them and he mentioned that he used window capture when he used iphones. So I tried running gstreamer pipelines as windows with 0 latency since I have control over that part and did the window capture instead and it all seems to work pretty well. So OBS with the a couple of GStreamer scripts seems like it might work and I can use scenes and profiles the normal way and just swap out the remote camera in the scripts.

I need to do a few tests but I think it’ll make for a pretty good location solution and might even try and bring it out shortly for an event.