Twitch/livestream setups.


HDMI out is just a mirror of the viewfinder signal, not really a designed-for feature, unlike pro-grade cameras which would allow you to modify the hdmi output signal independently of the recording format.


any tips on getting filming older score displays? trying to capture the displays on my stern stars using a panasonic vc250, and the displays appear to be scrolling/flickering on camera. When filming my seawitch, some of the digits just don’t even appear. is there any way to fix this?

Edit: Well this is embarrassing. Immediately after asking this I started tinkering in the menu and found a setting called “SHTR” . I changed it to 1/60 and everything appears correct. I’m assuming that’s shutter speed or something. Anyway, in case anyone else has this issue, this is the solution I found.


It’s a pain if you are doing 4 player - game I do most is TNA and I emailed Scott in the hope he might do a streamers mode and out the score for the current player on the screen.


Putting in one of these as the camera to film me, so in my pinball shed I have 4 games I can now stream from and not have to move or change any cameras - also going to try it for above play field in competitions. It has a scene mode that you can program and it will jump to it when you select the scene.

Anyone else tried something like this?


Could someone touch on how the wireless HDMI transmitters would work on a rig? Do these still need to connect to a capture card?



Yes, you still need to connect to a capture card. You’re going from camera->hdmi->wireless->hdmi->capture card.


Awesome, thanks! I’ll need to do some research on battery packs and such too. Appreciate the help, as always!


Once I’ve settled on my wireless rig equipment I plan to put a full parts list here. Still have some testing to do before I can recommend everything 100%.


How many cams will be on it?


3 hdmi cams. Have all of the equipment settled but just want to run through a final weekend to determine battery capacity and such. Gotta do it this weekend because if not, it won’t be for several weeks!


Awesome. Fingers crossed!


You figure out how to get 3 of the monoprice transmitters working?


Nope, but I got the Nyrius Orion working for the 3rd camera after bypassing the ridiculous HDCP protection on it.

After researching the 60ghz spectrum that the Monoprice devices use, I discovered that only 2 channels are available for transmitting despite what the Monoprice manual states. I have one other device to test out in conjunction with the Monoprice devices, a DVDO Air3c, but it uses the 60ghz spectrum too so my assumption is that it won’t work with the 2 Monoprice devices already running.


If its widi it should be fine - lots of bandwidth at 60GHz - I’d have thought you need line of sight for monoprice?




What was your solution for using the C920s with the wireless HDMI equipment? Do you just have really long USB cables that run direct to your computer?


Not sure what Tom uses, but I use this:

Works great. Just make sure you use a nice shielded Ethernet cable.


I use this USB 50 ft cable:

It goes to a usb powered hub which I plug the 2 usb webcams and my mic into. I use a large lithium battery to power the usb hub, overhead camcorder & hdmi wireless transmitter.

Check out MNPINBALL. Luke is using just camcorder to do both the playfield & scores. This way he has a completely wireless rig for easy swapping. The quality goes down a little but when you are doing a tournament and want a portable wireless rig it works.


The Monoprice devices don’t use widi/miracast, they use WirelessHD - Spec doc if you’re bored. They don’t actually need line of sight but it helps greatly to have them. I’ve just finished testing with another WirelessHD device (DVDO Air3c) in concert with the Monoprice ones and have the same stuttering/dropout issues I do when I put a 3rd set of the Monoprice devices online. According to the specs there should be 4 available channels but devices only have to support 2 of the 4 channels, plus country regulations could restrict the additional 2 channels. My guess is the manufacturers are only supporting the 2 channels since who in their right mind would be trying to use 4 of these at once!

I’m finally successfully running a 3 camera rig using two of the Monoprice wireless sets and a Nyrius Orion set. There’s around 2ms of lag with the Monoprice sets and around 150-250ms (yes, it can vary) with the Nyrius set.


yes thats the protocol I meant (thought it was also knowns as widi) I had this built into my Alienware M14x and you I could beam the screen to a receiver that had HDMI out into my TV, it also came with a transmitter for other devices but I never used it.

It worked well in LOS but if someone walked passed whilst playing, it would flake out hence my question, the latency on this was good enough for call of duty type game play.

I got my PTZOptics camera up and running and its fantastic, it streams RSTP out of the ethernet port (which you can shove into a regular ethernet to wifi bridge) at 1080p/60, its not cheap (although is cheap for the quality you get on a PTZ camera). And they’ve created a Twitch overlay that lets people take control of the camera. I’m seriously tempted to buy a couple more of them purely so I could go all IP.



Quick question to all of you that stream…does everyone have commentators and sound? We put cameras up at leagues, but it’s just for viewing on the TVs at the bar. I could stream it, but I’m not sure there would be much value in having a stream that was either devoid of sound completely, or just game sounds and drunk people carrying on. :slight_smile: