Twitch/livestream setups.


When we stream our tournaments we do commentators. There tends to be down times for sure, but we at least try to have people jump on the mic for most of the night.

We are lucky to have a group where lots of the players like to get on the mic so it keeps the stream interesting imo.


WickedPissaPinballPit streams their league nights without commentators. It’s pretty boring.


Commentators are critical for knowing what is going on. Without someone describing who is playing, what they are trying to accomplish, what the stakes are, then whatever is being displayed on the screen is meaningless.


I would watch a steam w/o commentary if there was a way I could follow along… like if I knew who most of the players were. (locals or highly ranked) and I could follow along on matchplay. But if I have no idea what is going on then I’d rather just watch previously recorded streams.


Thanks for the replies. I’ll skip spending the time setting up a stream and just continue to run things in house on the TV screens.


That’s why we need match play to do the right thing on each live game :slight_smile:


So I finally have my rig set up the way I want it. However, I am having issues where the handycam footage is probably 1-2 seconds behind the webcam footage. Im using Streamlabs OBS for my broadcasting software. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my video to sync? I cant seem to find any options with in Streamlabs.


You can add a delay to a video source by right clicking it and going to Filters. Add a Video Delay or Render Delay filter and tweak the delay to your liking. You can also do the same thing for audio sources by going to Edit menu -> Advanced Audio Properties and adjusting the Sync Offset field.


Thanks so much. You know I even looked at that and thought to myself that I didn’t want to add anymore delay to the camera. Didn’t even cross my mind to apply that to the other cameras.


What causes this? I’m wondering why I’ve never had this issue. At least I don’t think I have. Haha


@kdeangelo can you say a little more about this HDCP protection thing? Will the Nyrius not work out the box?

Also, any issues powering with USB? The 40’ range kind of stinks. The monoprice ones do 100’


I have to use an HDMI splitter to strip out HDCP which then allows me to use it otherwise I get nothing but signal unsupported.

No issues powering via USB, but it does take a bit more juice than the Monoprice devices.

I haven’t fully tested the range yet outside of my house. Next weekend at FPF will be the real test but I don’t expect any issues.


ugh, that’s annoying. do you use the splitter before the transmitter or after the receiver?


After the receiver.


Just wanted to let everybody know if you are looking for a wireless HDMI solution that I tried these last night.

They worked great I was able to go through walls and a floor with no signal loss. I only used one camera and cropped into 2 images to make it completely wireless in OBS. Quality is not perfect doing that but the portability and fast setup was what I was looking for.

Edit: If you are going through a series of walls you might lose the signal.


Awesome! Those have a longer range than the nyrius ones. I wonder if they can be used simultaneously with the mono price tranmitters…


The actiontec are broadcast at 5Ghz, monoprice is broadcast at 60ghz. the actiontec may interfere with WiFi internet, but you should be able to set your router to 2.4 ghz, to isolate all three signals in your airspace: internet @ 2.4ghz, actiontec @ 5ghz, monoprice @ 60ghz


So I tried streaming tonight using my mobile rig while doing a dry run to prep for my pingolf event next weekend.

Holy moly was it a bust. Does anybody have the Elgato HD 60 and use SLOBS? Between my Monoprice Blackbirds giving out constantly (clear line of sight the whole night), SLOBS jusy displaying “one moment please” on my HDMI feeds, and SLOBS locking up every 3 minutes, it was a total nightmare.

Any advice?

Using Windows 10
Streamlabs OBS
Sony Handycam
Elgato HD60
Two C920 webcams (which worked fine the entire time),
Snowball Microphone,


What did you use to make the webcams wireless? I guess that was causing issues even though they worked the whole time.


Webcams were direct in to my CPU tower. One for commentary and one for B roll.