When is a match "over"?

This is 100% hypothetical.

If you are playing head to head and player #2, going into ball #3, do you win exactly when the score displays that your score is ahead of player 1? For instance, let’s say you’re on Iron Man. You have 7 million and player 1 has 10 million. You play ball 3, and you hit the monger jackpot to go ahead of player one. But, before you drain and bonus counts down, you jump up in celebration and accidentially knee the coin door, causing a slam tilt. Did you win, or does the slam tilt DQ you? What if the game powers off due to an electrical issue before you drain?

If the answer is yes, you are DQ’d, as soon as you notice you’re ahead its beneficial to drain to avoid the unlikely event of a malfunction or mistake. If no, then you might play the game out as a victory lap or just to see if you can put up a crazy high score.

Did anyone else see that you were ahead? If not, depending on the TD, you may be SOL. If I’m TD and at least one other person verifies you were ahead, I’m letting the game stand and awarding player 2 the W.


I guess I am assuming for my example there’s a witness and that everyone’s in agreement that the score was surpassed. although @chuckwurt you bring up an even more difficult decision about if that happened if it wasn’t seen by others.

There are some games you can lose points (or give your opponent points). So having a larger score may not be enough.


Whatever scores I see on the game over screen being displayed is what I’m going by as a TD. If you slam tilt and I come up and all scores are wiped regardless of if you had witness’ I don’t care. You are DQ’ed.

If a power failure happens that’s different. If there are witness’ to back that up I will judge that fairly in the situation.


I tend to agree here, if you “accidentally” slam the machine while your ball is in play, you are still “at the machine” so I would consider that a DQ.

The only exception would be if your opponent verbally concedes. It’s somewhat of a tradition in my neck of the woods to announce “you got it” or similar if Player 2 Ball 3 exceeds my score. It’s meant as a concession, in that the match is over and whatever else happens after that doesn’t matter.


If you slam tilt but all the scores are still there when the TD gets there, how would you rule?

Slam tilt is a slam tilt. If it’s a 4 players group and you’re 3rd player and slam tilt you are DQ’ed regardless and player 4 gets a new ball on a new game. Whatever your score was is irrelevant. Nonsifferent here.


According to the IFPA rules “Any player who slam tilts a machine, thereby ending play for all players, will receive a score of zero for that game.”

It doesn’t say if you pass the other players score you beat them. If you were player 1, slam titled, and were still had the high score after all other people played you would get a 0. Its the action that matters not when it happened or what your score was.

There are exceptions like Belsito’s LAH slam tilt since he didn’t cause the slam tilt but yeah, if you slam tilt you are DQd. Also, I hate the “You got it” concession thing as you might be playing and hear that but then it was someone else to someone on another machine and if you drain you are SOL.

So since I’m not too good at trapping up I try to just keep playing if I don’t know who said something (and it can be considered interference if people are purposefully saying it to confuse a player) until I can actually peek at my score. If I am ahead I will probably stop unless it’s Critical Hit or another format where your final score matters vs just beating the player(s) you are playing…

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You lose. We discussed this on stream during the Circuit Final, as a player continued to play out (and hard-slap the side of the machine) when they had passed the last-place player. In Circuit Final, there was a reason to continue, since position on the next game was determined by performance in the previous; but there was also a risk of a slam DQ.

This was ruled a malfunction, so it was not a slam tilt or a DQ.

As for the “you got it”, it is typically not binding. The rule: “If a player verbally concedes for any reason, the concession will only be considered valid if it is witnessed by a scorekeeper, tournament director, or all members of a group.”

That seems fine in a head to head match, since the person conceding and the person at the machine comprise “all members of the group.”

Regardless, what’s been lost in comments about this is “… in my neck of the woods.” This is a local custom around here, not necessarily following IFPA/PAPA rules. I’d never do the “you got it” thing at any major tournament.

No, this would not be binding, since a “group” has a specific designation as either a 3- or 4-player match. This needs some independent confirmation.

Agreed about local customs.

By the way, Ed’s initial description HAS happened in a tournament in PDX. A player did exactly what he described (kneed the coin door while celebrating) and lost.

In the PDX case, was the Tourney Director watching at the time of the slam tilt?

Others from PDX have told this story (@zvrabes?) so I don’t know the answer, but I don’t see how that would matter.

Totally matters for me as a TD. If I was watching that match, or it was streamed, unanimously confirmed by everyone around, I’m giving P2 the win.

So it was confirmed to you that P2 caused a slam tilt during their turn, but you’re still giving them the win? I will disagree with you pretty severely on this one!

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Really, but I have an awesome donkey kick slam tilt celebration dance I planned to use everytime I am last player and in the lead. Guess I will figure something else out.


This might the source of the confusion/disagreement. It’s unclear from the description whether the PDX player’s turn was over when the slam tilt happened. If it happened during their turn, I’m with you, Bowen.