SCS brackets/streams/updates


Here are the final standings for Massachusetts
1 Mitchel Curtis
2 Kenny Weiner
3 Mike Testa
4 Anthony Radzicki
5 Mike Saraceno
5 Martin Peloquin
7 Matt Guay
7 John Manuelian
9 Chuck Webster
9 Steve Matos
9 Steve Deprez
9 Mark Ross
13 Derek Karamanian
13 Steve Mossberg
13 Ed Cabral
13 Steve Amlaw


Wisconsin was won by David Daluga.

Top 4
David Daluga
Tom Graf
Tim Enders
Gareth Spindler


Any news from Nevada? :slight_smile:


Heard this from Modica:

1st Sean Stewart
2nd Jason Werdrick
3rd Jim Belsito
4th Johnny Modica


Nice to see a local took it then :slight_smile:


How did you end up with folks in 7th/13th place in a single-elim tournament?


We did one consolation match after each round. (technically all the 9th place finishers will get 10th, and 13th places will actually get 14th place according to the IFPA submission site)


Trent took South Carolina. :laughing:


added the 2017-18 ohio bracket to the top post. Is that post editable for everyone @gdd?




Someone should do an all day stream covering the brackets and who chose where on Sunday. Haha


Says I am not attending KY. I AM attending KY. haha


We have you listed as attending Erik:


Only 4 of your 7 tabs are IFPA related . . . SHAME :slight_smile:


5 if you count Facebook since I get messages through it all the time :smiley:


Thanks. The issue was resolved very quickly. Appreciate it!


Redzone of scs day!


I’m definitely enjoying the “weekend” registration period rather than the “full week” registration period so far.


That’s because you Mechanical Turked us!



Would be interesting to see the cut lines on each state with the 16th spot and what position they were . Who was the lowest and highest?