Deadpool Rulesheet


Thanks for the info, I’ll make some changes tomorrow after I update to .85.


Quoted from the Wiki above… Thanks for those that have provided the additional detail.
Has anyone timed approx how many seconds the initial timer is for PFx? And how many seconds does it extend for each combo sequence you make?


Seems like 6 seconds is the sweet spot for ball saver, at least on mine.


Installed new code tonight, Game is unplayable due to malfunctioning scoop. Report sent to stern. Hope a node board isn’t suspect.


The Scoop is a standard micro switch with actuator. Mine lost a screw and fell out of alignment already. Found the screw in the bottom of the cabinet popped it back in and re adjusted switch, and tightened everything back down.


Yep, it’s a mechanical issue that most machines have had - just find the screw and it fixes itself.


Is their ever a time that a super skillshot will not record a ball being locked?

Last night in league I played DP. Ball 1 and ball 2 I achieved the super skillshot. On Ball three I spelt POOL and lit the lock. Then shot the right ramp and was awarded another lock but not multiball.


The game starts with one lock lit. I assume you got one with the first super skill. Then you did not spell POOL to light the second lock. Then on ball too super skill you didn’t lock a ball as it wasn’t lit.

If super skill is supposed to award a lock every time, then I’m not sure what happened. Haha


I thought that it did but you may be right that it may have to be lit again. If that’s the case it’s not a worthwhile shot then as 5 million, with most of your ball saver being eaten up and not getting any Ninja’s to ghost isn’t worth the extra 2.5 million :frowning:


How many points do you get for a Ninja ghosting in? And how by how much does the Ninja MB jackpot increase for each ninja defeated prior to Ninja MB?


Correct, the shot only awards lock when it’s lit, it’s not automatically a lock.
What makes it worthwhile is claiming the lock at all since the that shot is tough to hit from a cradle on most Deadpools, hitting it on the fly seems to work better in most instances.
Ninjas don’t matter if you don’t start ninja multiball…


I want to say that it adds 500k to the jackpot for ghosting a ninja (I thnik that’s what I heard during one of the @deadflip streams.) I have no Idea about what they are worth points wise outside of that.


Correct, but if you don’t have lock lit what would be the value in the super skill shot? Such a hard shot seems like they should make it more valuable.

I’m not sure yet but I thought it was 250K or 500K. Not a huge amount but you can easily get 3-4 ninja’s set to go after off the reg plunge. I think my new strategy is going to go after the reg skill shot going forward. Not sure why I thought it always gave a lock.


While I’m in this mindset.

Stern - Can you please, I’m begging you, put a pass option into the mode selection? Since the code doesn’t allow for progression of any MB outside of little deadpool, while in a mode, it would be nice to have this option in case you happen to fall into the scoop when you’d rather go for disco or Ninja MB. If the scoop wasn’t so close to the right ramp rejection I could see a “play better” argument to the strategy but a rejected ramp can find it’s way into the scoop and thus lock you out of those MB’s.

It would also be nice to have this option for the times you fall into the scoop when a quest is lit and you only need one more battle to get to Sauron. Especially since completing T-Rex or Megladon prior to Sauron doesn’t keep their status and you have to replay them again after Sauron battle.


Not going to argue there as I totally agree, especially the paltry 500k they add to each one after your first.

I guess the extra 2.5 mil?


I think that was fixed on a later code update (.84 I think) I saw @Snailman complete both quests then battle Sauron and both stayed lit when he was done.


That’s great to hear. When I played at the launch party it diffidently didn’t do that but I’m guessing pinballz version isn’t on current code. That was a big, hmmmm, moment for me when playing. They are good points but if they wont carry then I’d much prefer to play them after Sauron. Glad they fixed that.


I completed T-Rex, and all 3 modes, then completed Sauron. The next time I hit the scoop, I had no progress anymore, and had to start over. This happened this past Sunday on a Deadpool running .84.


Did you complete Meg too? Colin completed both quests first, then completed his final mode to get to Sauron. After that modes reset, but both quests were still lit… on .84
Maybe @timballs could clarify later?


Completed everything, “failed” Sauron, lost all progress. Can confirm this on .84.